Second Harry Potter wand cart at Harry Potter land

Harry Potter wand cart

Just wanted to show you a quick few pictures of the outside cart that sells the Harry Potter magic wands. Ollivander’s wand shop at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been packed full since the park opened with lines up to an hour wait.

So they quickly made another outside cart filled with the most popular Harry Potter wands. It’s over by the Forbidden Journey ride at the end of the park. It does not carry all the different wands that you can find inside Ollivander’s.

But it does have the most popular ones, mostly personal Harry Potter wands that kids want. You can see the different kinds in the display case on the side of the cart.

There still is normally a line there, but only a 5 or 10 minute wait. Your not going to get the full effect and see all the cool stuff that you can see inside Ollivander’s magic wand shop.

But if you want to grab one for the kids and are running out of time this cart is a good way to get one fast. Each one comes in it’s own magic wand case. But if you have time check out Ollivander’s shop too, as it’s nice to see what it looks like inside.

Harry Potter wand cart


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