Shamu’s Happy Harbor rides and playground at SeaWorld Orlando

Shamu’s Happy Harbor rides and playground at SeaWorld Orlando is fun for little kids while offering a break for parents. It’s a great place for the kids to play while you relax on the bench with some drinks.

Featuring a water-filled spray ground, remote-controlled trucks and whirlpool tea cups, Shamu’s Happy Harbor is the most popular area for small children at Sea World.

This play area is hosted by the park’s Shamu killer whale mascot, and has a four-story net tower with kiddie slides, climbing pyramid and bounce houses.

Shamu’s Happy Harbor features lots of rides and recreational activities for children of all ages. There is a cute kiddie-friendly ride for smaller children, a jellyfish-themed ride offering great views of the park, and a net climb structure.

Guests also have access to an interactive sailing ship with slides and water cannons. There is so much to do at Shamu’s Happy Harbor for kids, that they will remember this trip for years to come.

Shamu’s Happy Harbor at SeaWorld is a great place for children to unwind. They will fly into the heart of an arctic storm, climb on canvas mountains with the help of knotted ropes, and run in the water.

There are six family rides for children and grownups alike. They are encouraged to run, climb and jump as they explore a “splashy water maze,” water cannons and a multi-level ecosystem.

Most attractions at Shamu’s Happy Harbor have no minimum height requirements. Although grownups can join in, the rides are designed with smaller children in mind.

Some rides look like those you would find at a carnival, while others are completely unique. Since Shamu’s Happy Harbor is not designed to keep you dry, make sure you bring extra clothes, towels and swimsuits for kids and for yourself too.