Snow White and the seven dwarfs roller coaster update

One of the very last rides being made at the new Fantasyland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom is also what I think will be one of the best. The seven dwarfs roller coaster is moving along, as you can see in the above video.

I always thought that Disney should have made a Snow White and the seven dwarfs roller coaster ride years ago. The diamond mine with the carts and track was a perfect theme for a cool indoor roller coaster.

From what I can see the roller coaster will be both inside and outside. It does not have very high hills but you can see some sharp curves. I think it will be very similar in size and speed of Big Thunder Mountain railroad.

Big enough to give adults a thrill, yet small enough for kids to enjoy it. I’m hoping it has a lot of inside tunnels going through the dark with glowing diamonds all around you! 😀

The scenes should be pretty cool, with Snow White, the seven dwarfs, the evil witch and the dark forest, plus the diamond mines of course. They should do a great job of really making you feel your right there in the movie.

So check out the video above and see how it’s shaping up. With any luck they may start having a soft opening in December of this year or January. Once it’s done the new fantasyland will be complete! :)