Some memorable Tips for Your Orlando Disney Vacation

Disney holiday vacations

A trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, can be an unforgettable experience for any family. This is the original Disney World and while most will argue that it is also the best, there are many ways in which you can make your trip all the more memorable.

Plan your rides
For many families, the best part of their whole Disney World experience is the great choice of theme parks and rides on offer, but queuing to get onto to them is an unavoidable part of this trip. Their immense popularity means that you may have to wait some time, but naturally, your patience will undoubtedly be rewarded.

In order to avoid any kind of disappointment, find a schedule of rides before you travel and decide between yourselves which are the ones that you have to experience at all costs. You should be able to take in all that you want, but planning ahead is a necessary task.

Other planning
If you’re having an extended stay in Disney World, you will find there is much to see outside of the complex as well. Florida as a state has some amazing sights and attractions, such as Sea World and the Everglades and while there is plenty to keep the family occupied in Disney World itself, you can make this the most memorable of adventure trips by heading outside if you can.

To do that you will need car hire so it pays to plan and arrange that in advance. Many holidaymakers have also said that if you need general provisions early in the morning, a trip to local 24 hour stores will help if much of the Disney World stores are closed.

What to visit
There are many other attractions within Disney World besides the rides and these should also attract careful consideration before you travel. Universal Studios is simply a ‘must see’. This is certainly one of the best attractions in the world when it comes to overseas adventure travel with interactive displays, rides, shows and much more.

You can purchase a week-long pass for Universal Studios for all the family and this will grant you access to all the attractions at a discounted cost from that which you would pay if you were visiting on a daily basis.

Other deals
There is a Universal Meal Deal whereby you can pay in advance and for one price you can get unlimited meals across four restaurants. Maybe this isn’t a memorable part of your experience in its own right, but it will lead to a significant saving, which in turn, will allow you to spend more money on other attractions.

Making those memories last
It might go without saying but the best way to remember adventure trips such as these is to capture your memories in the best way possible. You’ll need the best-quality digital camera you can afford and you might also want to consider taking a video camera or smartphone in order to capture those moments in moving pictures. The amount of souvenirs you buy is a matter of personal choice; there are times when they can be expensive, but if you make your purchases wisely, they can only add to a holiday you will never forget.

A trip to Disney World is, for many people, the trip of a lifetime. By planning ahead and thinking about your trip you can make a holiday here even more memorable.

David Reynolds is a travel writer and blogger with many years of experience in the sector. He has specialized for some time in the field of overseas adventure travel, offering tips on how to make those trips even more memorable.


  1. Hi – You’ve put together a fantastic post here. Orlando is such a great place for a vacation. It’s always a hit with the kids, and there’s plenty to see and do. Keep up the good work!

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