Spiderman ride at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure review

Spiderman ride at Universal Studios

I’ve been on the spiderman ride at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure about,,,,oh,,,a few hundred times maybe. So I think I’m qualified to give you an honest review about it!

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is one of the main ride attractions in Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios. This popular theme park ride makes you feel like you are right in the action and completely involved in what is going on.

The queue line of the spiderman ride takes you through a replica of the newspaper office Peter Parker works at. At one point you enter a big room where they show a video of what is suppose to be happening in the city. Then you finally get to the ride station.

The movements of the ride are enjoyable, taking passengers in a journey through the ravaged streets of New York City. This is a one-of-a kind thrill ride that combines state-of-the-art, 12-passenger ride vehicles, live action and 3D special effects.

Passengers need 3D glasses to fully enjoy this indoor ride. The cars soar through a comic-book universe while twisting and spinning, rising and falling. Fighting against crime with spiderman, you race through the streets of New York, passing through realistic scenes.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man gives you the unique opportunity to experience the viewpoint of your favorite superhero-Spider Man- swinging high above the city. This breathtaking ride offers a combination of motion-based ride vehicles, elaborately-designed physical sets, 3D projection and special roving motion.

Riders pass through 15 attraction screens, following the battle between Spiderman and an evil organization. At points in the ride you feel intense heat, get a little wet (just a very little), simulated shocked, blinded in fog and experience a simulated free fall!

The vehicles move in synch with the filmed action, making the riders feel they are part of the experience. By utilizing a choreographed mix of different elements, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man gives passengers the illusion of levitating the ride vehicle.

Towards the end of the ride you feel and see the car your in soaring many floors up, up and over the city buildings. Your really not, but it sure feels like it. Then your dropped in a free fall when,,,, well I can’t give away everything!

This is probably one of most impressive attractions you will ever see, featuring brilliant visual effects. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man caters to those who are looking for a unique, yet surprisingly intense theme park experience.

The spiderman ride at Islands of Adventure is NOT a roller coaster, for those who fear them. It’s a bit like a simulator that really moves on a track, combined with real and screen backdrops plus the 3D added effects.

It’s one of the best theme park rides you will ever ride, even if your not a big fan of Spiderman. It’s a good family ride, however you do have to be at least 40 inches tall to ride it. Hope you enjoyed this Spiderman ride at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure review! 😉