Spring, best time for a Florida vacation!

Spring is one of the best times for a Florida vacation!

Spring is here in Orlando, Florida, and it’s one of the best times of the year to take that dream vacation! As I’ve always said, fall and spring are the two best times to take an Orlando, Florida vacation.

In two months it will be summer. Summer is the busiest time of the year here in the Disney area. That means more crowds, higher prices for everything and very hot weather with afternoon thunderstorms!

In the fall and spring months the weather is cooler, yet still warm. It’s not as humid as summer, and it hardly rains at all. The crowds are light, which means the price of everything is low as places try to get customers.

The bugs are not that bad, you don’t have to worry about hurricanes as much. In short spring is just a great time to take that Walt Disney or Florida vacation you’ve been wanting to take.

You save a lot of money, don’t have to fight the crowds, don’t get as hot as in the summer and lots more. You can even go on more rides in the theme parks since the lines are not as long.

Beating the summer heat is a bigger deal than many think. Summer afternoons can get as high as over 100 degrees and the sun will give you a hell of a sunburn! Throw in the humidity and you feel like your under a hot wet blanket.

You can also find prices as much as 50% off on hotels, flights and other things. You really do save a lot compared to summer, when prices are always at the highest.

In short spring is just an overall better time for an Orlando, Florida vacation. From now until early June is a great time to go, with the heat and prices getting higher the later you go. So take a Florida spring vacation today! :)