Spring Break 2010 in Daytona Beach starts March 7th

Spring break in Daytona beach 2010

Well it’s almost spring break time at Daytona Beach here in Florida! Close to Orlando at about 60 miles, many spring breakers visit both Daytona Beach and Orlando during their stay. Daytona beach is not as wild as it use to be, back when they had all those MTV specials.

They use to even have Jerry Springer shows on the beach during spring break here! But the city cleaned up the place a bit, cracking down on all the wild parties and drunken vandalism.

However it’s still a popular spot for spring breakers, and Daytona has some nice new places right on the beach for entertainment and fun. Yes you can still drive right out on the beach in places too!

In fact you can drink on the beach too, and rent ATV’s, surf boards and lots more right there on the beach. For night life they boast The Ocean Deck Beach Club, Razzle’s Nightclub and The Oyster Pub.

Spring break runs from March 7th to March 31st. Bike week will have just ended, and chances are you’ll see some bikers cruising around that have not left yet.

Of course many kids on spring break also want to check out Disney and the other theme parks in Orlando. In fact many stay in Orlando and drive to the beach for the best of both worlds.

For lots of information on what’s going on during spring break, check out Daytona Break. They have everything that’s going on, even a spring break forum. If your looking for the best hotel and airline prices, click the banner below. Have fun at Daytona Beach during spring break 2010!

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