Spring Break in Daytona Beach and Orlando

Hi everyone! Right now, March 1st, bike week in Daytona Beach and Orlando is still in full swing. But next week, on the 9th through the 29th of March, is spring break! Yes it’s that time when the college kids take off from school and go crazy. Daytona Beach has been both a popular and unpopular place for spring break over the years.

In it’s heyday MTV held shows at Daytona Beach spring break. They had some years when the kids got a bit out of hand, and the powers that be in Daytona did not want them there anymore. But, over the last few years it has once again become more spring break friendly, with a little more rules in place so it’s not a free-for-all.

Since Daytona beach is only around 60 miles away from Orlando, it gets it’s fair share of breakers that fly into the Orlando airport and stay in Orlando. Indeed many come to Orlando for the theme parks and other attractions, going to the beach maybe once or twice. The beaches of Daytona and theme parks of Orlando make for a great combination.

The biggest draw in Daytona is of course it’s famous drive on beach. At low tide it can be 500 feet wide. Most of the beach is open to driving, with some spots closed to only walking. It’s important to stay on the paths when driving on the beach, or you’ll find yourself stuck, and you will NOT get out without help.

On the beach you can rent ATV’s, buggies, body boards, sun umbrellas and much more. It can get pretty crowded in the popular spots, but that’s the whole point of spring break is finding hot dates! Going further north or south on the beach you will find it less crowded than right by the pier. In fact going way north you can have the beach all to yourself!

There are popular nightclubs by the beach, like the ocean deck beach club, Razzle’s Nightclub and The Oyster Pub. There are many hotels to stay at, many having great deals for spring break kids with little money! Hotels in Orlando are also having good deals on hotels, especially with the tourist being so light right now.

As for events, there are dozens, from the classic wet t shirt contest, singing, concerts, giveaways and much more. There are lots of freebie stuff given away everywhere from sponsors trying to sell stuff to the college kids. The theme parks in Orlando will see a rise in traffic from spring breakers for the month of March.

So if your coming to Daytona or Orlando for spring break, check them both out for a full experience. They are only a 40 minute drive from each other, straight down I-4. For Daytona Beach spring break information, check out the Spring Break 09 website. For things to do in Orlando, check out the Orlando information website. Or read my own post in here, of course! 😉