Spring in Orlando, a great time for a Disney vacation!

Spring in Orlando, great vacation time!

Well it’s spring here in the USA. Of course down here in Orlando it’s been hot for months. Soon it will be summer, and that means the summer tourist season. That is when it gets really busy, and even hotter!

So if you want to get out and enjoy a nice Disney vacation or other type of Orlando, Florida break, now is a great time to do it. It’s not as hot as it will get in another month, and the busy season is still a bit away.

All the rides and attractions are open, it’s hot enough to enjoy the water rides, and the prices for everything has not been jacked up yet. If you hate crowds it’s lots better to go now than during the summer months.

So if you get the chance come on down to Orlando and have a Disney vacation. Or check out Universal Studios, where they will open the new Harry Potter world for a soft opening soon.

Don’t forget Sea World, and all the other smaller attractions. Famous beaches are just an hour or so away also. Beat the summer crowds and enjoy a Orlando vacation this month! :)