Storm Force Accelatron ride at Universal Studios video

I’ve been going hog wild with my new camcorder! 😉 So far I’ve taken 11 youtube videos of the theme parks around Orlando. This one is the Storm Force Accelatron ride at Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios. It’s got a weak story to it, like most do.

Somehow it’s suppose to be about the sexy super hero Storm fighting Magneto, the villain. Since Storm controls the weather I guess the whirling ride is suppose to be like your in a storm she made, get it?

Located next to and behind The Hulk roller coaster, it’s never very full because it’s one of the tamer rides at Universal Studios. In fact many overlook this ride and just give it a passing glance. However it is fun for little kids and grown-ups who don’t like the extreme thrill rides.

You do have to be at least 48 inches tall to ride this. It last maybe 2 minutes or so. It’s a good ride for everyone in the family, a little break from the more extreme rides. As for just what it does, well,,, that’s what the video is for! Go click on it and watch the Storm Force Accelatron ride youtube video. :)