Orlando Lake Eola fountain show and fireworks on 4th of July


I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend here in Orlando! I went to Orlando’s Lake Eola park and saw the fireworks there. I also wanted to see how the lake Eola fountain looks now and the show it put on.

As most know, the Orlando lake Eola water fountain was struck by lighting a long time ago and got knocked out. After lots of decisions from the city a private contractor was hired to fix it.

It was fixed just in time for the 4th of July and made it’s big debut that night. I must say they did a good job. It has many different lights that change colors as well as several different water jets.
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4th of July fireworks, shows, events in Orlando, Florida 2011

There are many local Orlando area 4th of July fireworks, shows and events in Orlando, Florida besides the big theme park ones. They all have their own special charms for both locals and tourist alike.

So below is a general list of the most popular fourth of July shows and fireworks for 2011 that are held in the Central Florida or Orlando area. It’s not all of them, but the most well known and popular ones. :)
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