SeaWorld’s Aquatica Water Park in Orlando, Florida

SeaWorld's Aquatica water park

Now that summertime is here the heat goes up super high in Orlando, Florida. That means it’s time to head to the local water parks. One of the best and newest is Aquatica.

Aquatica is SeaWorld’s water park, and it’s located just across the street from the famous SeaWorld Orlando. This is a perfect place to spend an entire day.

Rides and attractions range from calm and relaxing to heart-pounding and thrilling, so there’s something for everyone. You’ll even find venues reserved just for little kids.
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Sea World’s Aquatica Omaka Rocka new water ride

Sea World's Aquatica Omaka Rocka new water ride

Sea World’s new water park, Aquatica, is getting a brand new and fun water slide for this spring. Called Omaka Rocka, it will be a two-seater tube ride you slide down inside a pipe. What makes it different than the rest is that you will hit walls that you slide high up on, like a skate boarder doing a half-pipe trick.

You’ll end up rocking back and forth on the walls, feeling almost weightless at each peak. Finally at the end you’ll come skimming out into a splashdown area. It’s the first new water slide Aquatica has added since it opened two years ago. It will share the Whanau Way tower already there.

I’ve seen it under construction, and they should have no problem getting it done to open on time, which is March. It looks like a lot of fun and I’ll be sure to ride it once it’s open. Aquatica is a very fun park and well worth it to spend a day there!

Aquatica water park tickets

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Sea World of Orlando, Florida raises prices

Well I see just in time for the New Year Sea World of Orlando, Florida has raised it’s basic one day ticket price up $5.00 for next month. The new cost of a standard one day ticket for an adult at Sea World will now be $74.95. All three big parks in Orlando; Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World, almost always raise prices once a year, if not more.

Of course most people never pay that price for a normal one day ticket. That’s because they want you to buy their multi-day tickets. I admit the multi-day tickets are a good deal. Or at least, they look like a good deal compared to the cost of a single day ticket. 😉 But that’s really the point of the cost increase, to make you get a multi-day ticket.

Now with Disney having four main parks, and Universal Studios having two, a multi-day ticket is the way to go. You’ll never see everything in a day, even at Universal. Plus kids always want to go back and do the rides again, they never get tired of them! So now Sea World is playing that game, but there’s one problem. [Read more…]

Youtube video of Sea World water park, Aquatica

Many people who have been to Orlando’s Sea World in the past might be surprised to know that they now have a full water park! It’s actually just across the street from the main Sea World park. I always thought that Sea World should have a water park, and now they do. I feel ripped off somehow, it was MY idea!

Sea World’s water park is called Aquatica, and it has many water flumes, shoots, rivers and wave pools. Since they have done so much work around water they really knew what to make when they made this water park. They even have a slide where you go right under water and see dolphins above you, is that cool or what!

I’ll have more detailed info on this park, as well as all the others once I really get this site going. But for right now enjoy the youtube video of Sea World’s Aquatica water park. To find out more about it right now, go to the Sea World’s Aquatica water park website here! It’s a fun water park that is state of the art, you’ll love it!