Old Town in Kissimmee, family fun attraction in Orlando

Old Town in Kissimmee, family fun attraction

Old Town in Kissimmee

Are you ready to take incredible rides the whole family will enjoy? Or maybe you want to go shopping? If so, you must go and visit Old Town Park in Kissimmee, Florida. This incredible place is a replica of an “old town” located just outside of Orlando.

Old Town Park hosts eight restaurants, 75 specialty shops, and 18 thrilling amusement park rides including The Inverter and Old Town Slingshot, The Windstorm Roller Coaster, Happy Days Family Go-Kart Track, Century Ferris Wheel, Dragon Wagon Kiddie Coaster, Wave Swinger and the all-new G-Force Top Fuel Drag Race. Here you can enjoy the pastimes of people in days gone by and have a good time.

Try the Super Shot if you want to feel like you could touch the stars or ride the artistically painted horses on the old carousel. Old Town also features lively nightspots such as the Sun on the Beach and the Blue Max Tavern. The Old Town General Store is the place to be if you’re looking for collections of memorabilia from John Deere, Pepsi-Cola and Coca- Cola, old fashioned candies, crafts, gifts, shoes and even clothes.
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