Bike week 2010 custom bikes youtube video

I know I made a post about a bike week youtube video I took in here a while back. But I made a different one too, this one about some very cool looking custom motorcycles that were on display at the Daytona speedway.

They were fantastic looking and the paint jobs were incredible. They even had some cool trikes and four wheel bikes. So I thought I’d show you this video. Even if your not a fan of motorcycles you’ll love the looks of these.

Next year I’ll go earlier and take a lot more pictures and videos of bike week. But for now enjoy this custom bike youtube video from bike week 2010! :)

Daytona Beach Bike Week 2010 pictures and video

Soon it will be bike week at Daytona Beach and you’ll see motorcycles all over the Orlando area. Bike week is from Feb. 26th to March 7th this year. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a giant gathering of Motorcycles from all over the world.

Not just your hardcore bikers, but families, weekend bikers, newbies and everyone in between. You can find full time bikers next to a doctor on his custom bike taking videos of his kids.

So there is something for everyone at bike week. Of course you can find wet Tshirt contest and coleslaw babe wrestling contest if you look for them. But the main events are clean and suitable for most people.
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