Christmas Holiday Pictures From Universal Studios

Christmas pictures from Universal Studios

Many people have seen Christmas Holiday pictures from Disney. But few have seen many Christmas holiday pictures from Universal Studios. Since I was there the other day riding the rides before the big Christmas crowds got here, I took a bunch of them. Universal decorates different than Disney. It’s more ritzy and hip, with not that many lights since they close at 6:00 PM.

So it’s not as pretty as Disney, but it’s still nice to see the holiday decorations. These pictures are from both Universal Orlando park and Islands Of Adventure. Some parts of the parks are not done up like Christmas at all, because they want to keep the theme going that is there. For instance, the Jurassic park part of Islands Of Adventure has no decorations.

Right now the park has very few people in there. I was able to get right on all the rides in 5 minutes or less. However starting around the 18th the Christmas crowds will start, and it will be busy until the new year. Then after that it will be slow again until Easter. So if you want to avoid lines go before the 18th, or wait till after new year.

Below is my Universal Studios Christmas slide show. Click on the first thumbnail to start the show. Click the arrow on the lower right screen once it starts to go to the next one. Click the picture in the show at any time to exit the slide show. I hope you enjoy these holiday pictures from Universal Studios!