Daytona beach spring break 2011 events

Daytona beach spring break 2011

Ready to throw down with a great spring break experience? Try Daytona Beach spring break 2011, where you’ll find 23 miles of wide, sandy beaches and glorious weather – the high temperatures in March average 75 degrees.

Daytona beach is one of the very few beaches left where you can drive right on the beach. Just stay in the travel road part or you’ll be stuck in deep sand fast!

There are also plenty of clubs that provide awesome partying and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. During the day, you can enjoy some thrilling water sports like jet skiing, surfing, parasailing, and deep sea fishing.
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Spring Break 2010 in Daytona Beach starts March 7th

Spring break in Daytona beach 2010

Well it’s almost spring break time at Daytona Beach here in Florida! Close to Orlando at about 60 miles, many spring breakers visit both Daytona Beach and Orlando during their stay. Daytona beach is not as wild as it use to be, back when they had all those MTV specials.

They use to even have Jerry Springer shows on the beach during spring break here! But the city cleaned up the place a bit, cracking down on all the wild parties and drunken vandalism.

However it’s still a popular spot for spring breakers, and Daytona has some nice new places right on the beach for entertainment and fun. Yes you can still drive right out on the beach in places too!
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Spring Break in Daytona Beach and Orlando

Hi everyone! Right now, March 1st, bike week in Daytona Beach and Orlando is still in full swing. But next week, on the 9th through the 29th of March, is spring break! Yes it’s that time when the college kids take off from school and go crazy. Daytona Beach has been both a popular and unpopular place for spring break over the years.

In it’s heyday MTV held shows at Daytona Beach spring break. They had some years when the kids got a bit out of hand, and the powers that be in Daytona did not want them there anymore. But, over the last few years it has once again become more spring break friendly, with a little more rules in place so it’s not a free-for-all.

Since Daytona beach is only around 60 miles away from Orlando, it gets it’s fair share of breakers that fly into the Orlando airport and stay in Orlando. Indeed many come to Orlando for the theme parks and other attractions, going to the beach maybe once or twice. The beaches of Daytona and theme parks of Orlando make for a great combination. [Read more…]