SeaWorld Discovery Cove new addition, Freshwater Oasis

SeaWorld Discovery Cove new addition Freshwater Oasis

Enjoy an all-inclusive tropical holiday where you can relax on white sandy beaches, swim with the dolphins, and explore the sea world. Freshwater Oasis, the newest attraction from SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove, features swimming and wading adventures for the whole family!

The latest addition to SeaWorld’s adventure park offers guests the chance to come face-to-face with marmosets (tiny monkeys), lobsters, sting rays, and otters. You can also swim in tropical reefs and hand-feed exotic birds in a relaxed shallow water setting.

This brand new attraction is designed with a rainforest canopy above and features unique waterways, nooks and crannies, water-filled trails, lush tropical forests, and a water lounge area with benches. Freshwater Oasis is the first place in the world where you can see curious marmosets running around the trees.
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Discovery Cove Grand Reef at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove set to open in June 2011

SeaWorld's Discovery Cove reef to open in June 2011

If your a fan of SeaWorld in Orlando, then I’m sure you know all about SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove. That’s the place next to the main park where you can swim with dolphins and get personal attention.

Well soon there will be a new section to Discovery Cove called Discovery Cove Grand Reef! It’s a big one million gallon salt water reef where guest will be able to swim and walk around with sharks, rays and many other saltwater marine life and fish.

Discovery Cove Grand Reef will have around 125 different kinds of fish and reef species, with sharks and rays as well as coral, urchins and all the other reef life you normally would expect.
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Sea World’s Discovery Cove Valentine’s day special packages

Discovery cove valentines day packages

Sea World’s Discovery Cove is having Valentine’s day deal packages for February. What could be more romantic than a day at a tropical resort, the sand in your toes and a dolphin bringing your sweetie a heart shaped valentines!

You can pick from three different Discovery Cove Valentines packages, each one with it’s own neat things in it. They are a very unique and romantic way to say I love you to your better half.

Full details of everything included in the Discovery Cove Valentines packages are:
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Sea World of Orlando, Florida raises prices

Well I see just in time for the New Year Sea World of Orlando, Florida has raised it’s basic one day ticket price up $5.00 for next month. The new cost of a standard one day ticket for an adult at Sea World will now be $74.95. All three big parks in Orlando; Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World, almost always raise prices once a year, if not more.

Of course most people never pay that price for a normal one day ticket. That’s because they want you to buy their multi-day tickets. I admit the multi-day tickets are a good deal. Or at least, they look like a good deal compared to the cost of a single day ticket. 😉 But that’s really the point of the cost increase, to make you get a multi-day ticket.

Now with Disney having four main parks, and Universal Studios having two, a multi-day ticket is the way to go. You’ll never see everything in a day, even at Universal. Plus kids always want to go back and do the rides again, they never get tired of them! So now Sea World is playing that game, but there’s one problem. [Read more…]