3D map of the new Disney’s fantasyland plans

Walt Disney World's 3D map of the new fantasyland

Click for a much bigger full size picture, may take several seconds to load.

A month or so ago I showed a map of the new fantasyland section that is being planned at Walt Disney World. Today I found a new, 3D map that is the latest and best one yet from Stitch Kingdom. Click the picture to see the much bigger version with lots of details. Now like all plans with Disney, the details shown on this map could change.

But this is the latest and most detailed version yet, so it must be pretty close to what they are planning on having there. For those who don’t know, Walt Disney World is planning on a big expansion at The Magic Kingdom theme park. In the back behind Cinderella’s castle they are going to build a whole new section, called fantasyland.

Toontown will be completely gone, and there will be a cool “Dueling Dumbos” ride for kids. There seems to be many Disney princesses meet and greet stations and rides. Also there seems to be a “pixie hollow” forest and fairy meet place. There are lots more rides and attractions shown also.
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