Walt Disney New Years Eve 2010, 2011 fireworks, events and times

Walt Disney new years eve 2010, 2011

It’s time to find out what’s going on for Walt Disney new years eve 2010, 2011! As always expect all the theme parks, including all the Disney parks to be packed full for new years.

In fact most Disney parks will fill to capacity around the middle of the afternoon or so. Once that happens you will NOT be allowed inside. So my advice is, pick one Disney park and stay there all day.

Walt Disney New Years Eve 2010, 2011 should be a blast at all the parks this year. Many choose the Magic Kingdom so they can see the new years eve fireworks go off behind Cinderellas castle.

However Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park has some great fireworks too, some very unique you can only see there. You’ll just have to decide for yourself what park to take in new years eve!

I’ll make it a little easier for you by posting the Walt Disney New Years Eve 2010, 2011 times, events and firework shows you can expect at each park, okay? Here we go:
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New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World Orlando

Well it’s New Year’s eve, and I’m a little late telling you what’s going on at Walt Disney World Orlando for the big new year’s blow out parties. But what the heck, I’ll tell you anyway in case your trying to figure out what to do. All of Disney World Orlando parks will have fireworks except Animal Kingdom, with some extra parades and shows. The weather is looking great, maybe in the 50’s at night. Bring a sweater or light coat.

I recommend picking just ONE Disney park and staying there all day until you leave. It’s going to be very crowded, and the parks may reach capacity. Once that happens they will not let anyone else in. So it would really suck to leave one park to find you can’t get into the other one after spending 30 minutes getting out of the first one!

At the Magic Kingdom there will be Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas Parade, with Spectromagic shows two times in the early evening. Then at 11:50pm Fantasy in the Sky fireworks will begin, a very big fireworks show shooting up from behind the castle. It’s a great show with many very big firework displays. [Read more…]