From Orlando Inside, happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving day from Orlando Inside!

Once again it’s time for Thanksgiving day in the USA! Time to count your blessings and be thankful for whatever you have. This year has been hard on lots of folks, so it will be a bit harder to find things to be thankful for.

But we here in the United States still have it much better than lots of the other world, even poor folks. One of my favorite saying is “everything is relative”.

Which means we all tend to see things relative to where we are, who we are and what has happened in our lives. Because of that we often see our good luck or bad luck only in relation to how our life is right now.
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Disney Thanksgiving day events, parades and dining restaurants

Thanksgiving dining at Disney

Disney Thanksgiving day events are often confused with other Holiday activities going on in that same month. Many think that there is a Walt Disney World Thanksgiving day parade, but that is not true, not at the Disney in Orlando.

There is a Disney Thanksgiving day parade at DisneyLand in California. Also many Disney floats are in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. So just what is going on for Disney Thanksgiving day events?

Well there is a lot of other activities going on around the same time. All the parks will be open, and many of the big Disney park dining restaurants will be serving full Thanksgiving day meals, a list of which I made below.
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Walt Disney World Thanksgiving events and parades

walt disney world thanksgiving events and parades

Well in just a few weeks it will be Thanksgiving. Those of you who are going to take an Orlando vacation and go to Walt Disney World at Thanksgiving time might be wondering what is going on. One thing I can tell you is, all the Disney theme parks will be packed!

In fact every one of the Disney parks should fill to capacity in the early afternoon. So if you want to take in a Disney park on Thanksgiving day, go early and prepare for crowds. Don’t even think of park hopping on Thanksgiving day. Plan on going to one Disney park and staying there for the day.

Now as to what you can expect to see that is new on Thanksgiving day, the answer is not that much really. Disney will put up all their Christmas decorations and lights that night, but not on Thanksgiving day. So you will not see any special Christmas sets or displays.
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