Disney Fantasyland new Be Our Guest Restaurant


Located in the Beast’s Castle inside the new Disney fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest Restaurant offers a unique dining experience. Guests have the opportunity to step into a time machine and visit the famous ballroom setting from the animated film “Beauty and the Beast.”

This fabulous venue has three dining rooms that can accommodate 550 guests. Its name is inspired by the classic song from that film. Both the dinner table service and counter service menus offer French cuisine.

This uniquely designed restaurant opened on December 7, 2012. To get here, you must cross a stone bridge lined with gargoyles. Once you get inside, you will be greeted by enchanted suits of armor.
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Walt Disney New Storybook Circus in Fantasyland youtube video

As I mentioned here in another post a week or two ago, one part of the new Fantasyland project at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park is now open. A part of that is called Storybook Circus.

I’m sure your all wondering just what it looks like, so here’s a cool Disney youtube video of it. It’s actually quite a long video that gives you lots of details of what is inside.

Part of the Storybook Circus area is the re-done Dumbo ride, which you can see in this video. They added lots of details to the ride making it look even better.

Another part of Storybook Circus has Goofy’s “Great Goofini” Barnstormer roller coaster. It’s a mild roller coaster made for small kids but adults can also ride it.

The Magic Kingdom train also has a station here that is really done up in a cool way with lots to see. Some of the video also shows a bit of the other parts of the new Fantasyland under construction that will open later.

So check out the video of Disney’s new Storybook Circus area to see what you can go on and do now, plus some peeks at what is to come! :)

First part of new Fantasyland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom open

New Fantasyland rides at Disney now open

Most Disney fans may or may not know that Fantasyland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park has been going through some makeovers. New attractions are being built and long time rides are being moved and touched up.

Well one of the first sections of the new Fantasyland has opened, just in time for the spring breakers. The new Dumbo ride and Goofy’s Barnstormer roller coaster are both now open with a new look.

They both do the same thing as they always did. But the Dumbo ride has a new color theme to it, with some different scenes painted on the ride. Golden storks also are on the top of the ride.
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The seven dwarfs mine train ride coming to fantasyland at Disney World!

The seven dwarfs mine train new ride at Fantasyland at Disney!

As any real fan of Walt Disney World knows, they are in the middle of a big expansion over at the Magic Kingdom. Fantasyland, the part located at the back of Cinderellas castle, will be getting a full makeover.

The plans have been changed a few times already. One new ride they seem to have agreed to keep is one called the seven dwarfs mine train ride! It will be an indoor mild roller coaster that goes through the seven dwarfs diamond mine from Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

It will be set to music from the classic movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You can see it in the picture above in the top right side. I’m sure they would do a great job with the theme.
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3D map of the new Disney’s fantasyland plans

Walt Disney World's 3D map of the new fantasyland

Click for a much bigger full size picture, may take several seconds to load.

A month or so ago I showed a map of the new fantasyland section that is being planned at Walt Disney World. Today I found a new, 3D map that is the latest and best one yet from Stitch Kingdom. Click the picture to see the much bigger version with lots of details. Now like all plans with Disney, the details shown on this map could change.

But this is the latest and most detailed version yet, so it must be pretty close to what they are planning on having there. For those who don’t know, Walt Disney World is planning on a big expansion at The Magic Kingdom theme park. In the back behind Cinderella’s castle they are going to build a whole new section, called fantasyland.

Toontown will be completely gone, and there will be a cool “Dueling Dumbos” ride for kids. There seems to be many Disney princesses meet and greet stations and rides. Also there seems to be a “pixie hollow” forest and fairy meet place. There are lots more rides and attractions shown also.
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Walt Disney World making new fantasyland at Magic Kingdom

Click here to see full size picture

Exciting news is going on at Walt Disney World here in Orlando! It seems as though Disney is finally making a new fantasyland at the magic kingdom. Where fantasyland is now, behind Cinderella’s castle, will be done over into a bigger and better fantasyland, complete with a new little mermaid ride. There also will be more interaction areas with Disney’s princesses and more.

They seem to be making it more about the Disney Princesses, like dancing with Cinderella, or playing a role with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. In fact a castle from that story will be made. Plus lots more from Tinkerbell to Dumbo, which will have that ride moved and upgraded. Mickey’s Toontown fair will be removed, with Mickey and Minnie getting new homes at the front of the park.

The picture above is the current plan, click it for a bigger view. Kids will walk through a fairy tale forest and much more to get to the attractions and new shops and restaurants, all based on the popular Disney Princesses. However it will all take time. The current time table for it to be done and open is,,, sometime in 2012!