Disney’s Festival Of The Masters Art Picture Gallery 2013

Disney festival of the masters 2013

I thought I’d share a new Disney’s Festival Of The Masters Art Picture Gallery 2013 with you today. This year it took me by surprise, I did not even know it was this weekend until the other day.

I headed over there at noon and found the worst traffic I have ever encountered at the Disney Marketplace. That is because Disney is doing major construction on it and most normal parking spots are gone while they build a new parking garage.

I finally parked across the street and walked over. It was a bit smaller this year, all over on the west side of the marketplace. Most vendors where the same I had seen last year with only a few new ones.

I got one lady upset who told me not to take pictures. What? You set up your art in the middle of the Disney marketplace, the most public spot you can find, and think people are not going to take pictures?

Heck while she was talking to me I saw 3 others snap pics of her art with their phones. Sorry but if your going to display your art work in a public setting you should expect people to take pictures,,, LOTS of them!

Anyways here’s a picture gallery I made of this years Disney’s Festival Of The Masters Art Picture Gallery 2013. So enjoy,,,, and yes,,, the ladies picture is in here somewhere. 😀

To use this picture gallery, click on the first picture and the picture show will start. Click the arrow in the right bottom corner to go to the next picture. Click inside the picture at any time to exit the picture gallery.

Disney’s festival of the masters art show 2012

Festival of the masters

Disney’s Festival of the Masters 2012 is an exclusive event located at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida. Taking place on November 9, 10, and 11 of 2012, this festival is a celebration of art and artists of award-winning caliber.

People come from all over to this event. They fly in from the Orlando airport, the Sanford airport and even drive for miles. It’s known worldwide as one of the best art show events.

This isn’t a typical art show. Visitors are encouraged to try the large variety of hands-on activities available during this three day, outdoor event.

Guests are treated to a collage of art that involves photography, paintings, jewelry, sculptures and other mediums of creativity. All of the art featured are one-of-a-kind or part of a limited edition collection.
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Disney’s festival of the masters art show 2011 picture gallery

Disney's festival of the masters art show 2011

Hi everyone, I hope you got to go to this years Disney’s festival of the masters art show 2011 at downtown Disney and the west side. I went Friday, beautiful day and not too crowded.

I got to see many of the same artist that I saw last year, but there was plenty of new ones too. I was a bit hesitant to take pictures this year because a lot of artist don’t want pictures taken of their work.

That’s because many competitors try to copy others work. Or if you have paintings, some people take good quality pictures of them and turn around and sell them online, ouch!
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Disney Festival of the Masters 2011 art show at Downtown Disney

2011 Disney Festival of the Masters art show

If your an art fan, then you don’t want to miss the Disney Festival of the Masters 2011 art show at Downtown Disney! This amazing outdoor art show will showcase all kinds of top artist from around the world.

By artist I don’t mean just paintings, although there will be plenty there. But also you will see glass blowers, sculptors, clay art, many types of woodworking, specialty art of all kinds and many other wonderful art mediums on display.

The Disney Festival of the Masters art show is one of my favorite shows, I always go and take lots of pictures. This year it will be from November 11, 2011 To November 13, 2011.
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Disney Festival of the Masters 2010 art show at Downtown Disney

Disney art show at downtown Disney

Soon it will be time for Disney’s Festival of the Masters 2010 art show at Downtown Disney marketplace! This art show is one that I really enjoy seeing and go to it every year.

This year marks the 35th Festival of the Masters art show, sponsored by Sharpie (I assume the pen). It’s an open air juried art show that is spread out all over the Disney’s downtown marketplace area.

Each artist gets a white exhibit tent, and the art you can find there is top quality and fantastic. You can see paintings, photography, sculpture, jewelry and more. There is always some very unusual and one of a kind exhibits to see.
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Walt Disney World’s Festival Of The Masters 2009

walt disney world festival of the masters 2009

For those who don’t know, Walt Disney World is holding their 34th annual Festival Of The Masters at downtown Disney on Nov. 13 to 15th. So just what is the Festival Of The Masters? It’s an art show, featuring top artist from all over. The types of arts you can see here is a wide range of items. Pottery, glass blowing, paintings, photograph, wood working, jewelry and all types of custom made crafts.

This year there will be nearly 150 artist showcasing their unique arts and crafts. Some of the things you see here are amazing and you can’t find anywhere else. I loved the guy who made life-like bust of women and men, they looked ready to talk to you!

Whatever type of arts and crafts you like your sure to find something here you love. The artist will put up booths all over the downtown Disney area. Besides the artist, there will be live entertainment, art shows for kids, a chalk artist display and much more.

Over at Cirque du Soleil La Nouba in the downtown Disney area you can meet the performers and have your kids enjoy face painting and balloons. Also if your a Disney pin lover check out the pin traders location, the biggest Disney pin trading and swapping store in the Disney resort.

Then of course you can go shopping at the dozens of Disney stores at downtown Disney, and eat at several restaurants and food shops. Disney’s Festival Of The Masters 2009 is an art lovers dream and one you don’t want to miss!