Summer tips for your Florida vacation

Summer heat tips for Florida vacation

Even though it’s almost the end of July, August is just as hot here in Florida. It’s been a very hot summer here in Orlando, with not enough rain. Most visitors are not use to how direct and humid the weather is here.

Most people are surprised to see how easy they get a sunburn down here. That Florida sun can really make you red in only 20 minutes. Imagine spending an afternoon at the beach or water park.

The next day you’ll be one big red mark! So make sure you really slather on that high index sunscreen all over your body. That includes your face and even scalp if your thin up there.
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Spring, best time for a Florida vacation!

Spring is one of the best times for a Florida vacation!

Spring is here in Orlando, Florida, and it’s one of the best times of the year to take that dream vacation! As I’ve always said, fall and spring are the two best times to take an Orlando, Florida vacation.

In two months it will be summer. Summer is the busiest time of the year here in the Disney area. That means more crowds, higher prices for everything and very hot weather with afternoon thunderstorms!

In the fall and spring months the weather is cooler, yet still warm. It’s not as humid as summer, and it hardly rains at all. The crowds are light, which means the price of everything is low as places try to get customers.
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Plan your Florida Holidays vacation soon!

Florida Holidays are great deals!

Spring is already here in Florida, and summer is not far away. That means many of the best Florida Holidays are on their way. Spring and summer in Florida is the most popular times for people around the world to take vacations.

In other parts of the world it’s winter when It’s summer in Florida, making it a great time to take that Florida vacation they have been dreaming about. In the US it’s summer vacation for kids, another great reason to take a vacation.

However anytime is a great time to take that dream Florida Holiday you’ve been thinking about. Each season has it’s own good points, from perfect weather to less crowds on where your going.
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