New Harry Potter Legos store!

Great new Harry Potter Lego store!
Click here to see the best new Harry Potter Lego sets now!

Now that the final Harry Potter movie has been out, we all know kids this year will want Harry Potter toys for Christmas. One of the most popular types are the Harry Potter Lego sets.

So, I decided to make a brand new site dedicated to showcasing the newest and best HP Lego sets and mini figures! I am a big fan of Harry Potter and have a few of the Lego sets myself.

In fact these sets are getting to be great collectors items, not just toys for kids. Some are getting rare and will be worth some big bucks down the road if you keep the Lego pieces in good shape.
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New Harry Potter Lego sets store now open!

Harry Potter Lego sets

Click here for the new Harry Potter Lego sets store!

Once again I’ve made a new store page inside my site here. This one is Harry Potter Lego sets and games! Kids just love playing with Lego sets, and for those Harry Potter fans there is a lot of sets to choose from.

In fact I was a bit surprised to see just how many different Lego sets you can find with a Harry Potter theme. Of course the most popular sets are the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle sets.

That is like the base model, as Hogwarts Castle is the main setting in almost all the Harry Potter movies. The next most popular set has to be the Lego Hogwarts Express train set.
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