Universal’s Harry Potter Diagon Alley Park Picture Gallery

Harry Potter theme park

What’s up?! If anyone ever follows this site, you know it’s been a long time since I have added an update. Months in fact. Sorry but life happens, work gets busy and time flies by. Got to pay the bills ya know?

But I’ve got a special new update today for you all. I went to the new Harry Potter, Diagon Alley park they just made at the Universal Studios Orlando theme park. It’s the second Harry Potter park they have made; the first one is in the other park.

They now have a Hogwarts express train that connects the two Harry Potter parks. It’s a fun ride with some mild surprises. You have to have tickets to both parks or an annual pass for both to ride it between the two parks.
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New pictures of Wizarding world of Harry Potter park at Universal Studios

Harry Potter World at Universal Studios

A few days ago I was at Universal Studios here in Orlando. So I took a few more pictures of the construction going on at the new Wizarding world of Harry Potter park. A theme park within a theme park at 20 acres in size, it sure looks to me like they have a long way to go. Yet they are still saying it will be open in the spring 2010.

Harry Potter World at Universal Studios

I sure hope so, as many are planning their vacations around the opening of Harry Potter park. I do think it will be amazing, and look very true to the buildings in the Harry Potter movies. As you can see the castle is looking pretty cool, as is the other buildings. You can’t seem them in these pictures but I saw some of those buildings with fake snow on the roof.

Harry Potter World at Universal Studios

You can see the long chimneys too, just like how they were on the town buildings in the Harry Potter movies. So I think your really going to feel like your walking right through town. The last picture shows a good closeup of Hogwarts castle. That’s where the star attraction ride is suppose to be, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

So, it all looks great so far. I think they will do a good job on making it all look very real and true to the town and buildings in the Harry Potter movies. The question is, can they get it all going by spring! If worst comes to worst I think they will make sure the main part and rides are working, and finish up any other parts of the place if they fall behind on time.

Harry Potter World at Universal Studios