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I wanted to talk about something very different today. It really does not fit this site, as it has nothing to do with Orlando, Florida or anything about vacations. But since I’m the boss I get to do it anyways! 😀

I just wanted to point out that I actually run around 3 dozen different websites, and one of them happens to be an online leather jackets and apparel store. It’s called Leather Supreme and if you like leather apparel you’ll find some great items in there.

I only carry high quality leather, not those damn cheap “patchwork” or “stone design” crappy leathers you see in EBay. Those are junk, made from scraps of left-over leather and pressed together like plywood!
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Christmas holiday leather jacket sales

Ladies western fringe orange flame leather motorcycle jacket
Price: $188.00
Holiday sale till 12/25/09!
Only $149.00!

I don’t talk about it much on here, but I actually own a leather jacket website besides this one. So I thought I’d toot my own horn a bit here and let you know that if your looking for high quality leather motorcycle jackets as a gift, check out my site, Leather Supreme. I’ve got really good leather jackets made from cowhide, pigskin and buffalo hide.

Right now I’ve got my most popular ladies leather fringe jacket on sale above. Clicking the picture will take you right to that one. I’ve also got a blog on my leather site that talks a lot about the care and cleaning of leather jackets and apparel. So you can learn a lot about how leather is made, the different types of leather, thicknesses of leather and much more.

I plan to put lots more in there, whenever I get some free time! A leather jacket makes a great gift for someone. A top quality leather jacket will show how much you care about them, so don’t buy those cheap ones! And please don’t buy any patchwork or bonded leather jackets, those are junk. Check out my leather site and learn things you never knew about leather! 😉