Orlando’s Place of Relaxation At Leu Gardens

Lue Gardens in Orlando

Orlando has many attractions to offer to those who are ready to explore new places. Harry P. Leu Gardens has the mission to inspire people to appreciate and understand plants. It is oasis of peace and relaxation, suitable for the whole family. Here you can admire America’s largest Camellia collection outside California, palm, bamboo and cycad gardens, three acres of idea gardens for weekend projects and a house museum dating from the 1880’s.

This is a beautiful place – well worth a visit. The gardens are fantastic, being perfect for anyone who wants to get away from the bustle of the theme parks. It is beautiful just to walk through and enjoy the sights and smells of fresh flowers. Harry P. Leu Gardens features lots of unusual species and the rose garden, the lake and the gazebo areas are all simply stunning.
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