On my own vacation to Vermont!

Vermont covered bridge

Well everyone, today I take off on my own vacation! Since I’m from Vermont I’m flying up for two weeks to see the family. I also have a friend that I will get paid to help with a project, so it’s a bit of a working vacation too. The fall foliage in the northern part of Vermont is almost over, and that’s where I’m going.

So maybe I’ll take a trip down to the southern part and try to get some pictures of the fall leaves. It’s really beautiful in the fall in Vermont. But, cold weather is right behind it, which I hate and is why I’m in Florida! Anyway let me tell you what I packed and how I do it for some travel tips.
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New travel luggage sets from ebags now open

Meteor 4-Piece Luggage Set
Meteor 4-Piece Luggage Set

Well everyone, I now have a new page of quality travel luggage you can buy from eBags! On the net for years, ebags has thousands of luggage, bags, backpacks and briefcases to choose from. They also have the lowest prices around, yet are high quality. You can find the page in the top left sidebar under “travel luggage sets”.

Once you see a luggage set you like, click on the picture and you’ll be taken right to that item in the ebags website. All their luggage sets come in different colors, so if you like the style but don’t like the color displayed chances are it comes in the color you want.

You can pick from 2, 3, 4 or 5 pieces of luggage per set. Hardcase or soft, rolling or duffel style, you can find it all at ebags. So check out my new luggage sets page and see all the styles. Of course you also can go right to eBags and see everything they have right there.

Added a laptop computer case, briefcase and luggage page

McKlein I Series Gold Coast Leather Detachable-Wheeled Laptop Case
Click picture for more info on this item

Hi everyone, I wanted you to know I just added a new page in my site here. Since this is a tourist site and many come here by plane, I figured it makes sense to have a little store with luggage, bags and laptop computer cases in here. So I made the first page, which you can see in the pages selection in the top left sidebar.

This first one has just laptop computer cases. Wheeled ones, briefcase styles, computer bags and so on. Since I travel with a laptop I know how hard it is to buy one you really like. All of these are from Luggage Pros, a quality luggage and bag company.

Clicking on any of the item pictures in the laptop computer case page will take you right to that item on the Luggage Pros website. They have hundreds of styles, colors, sizes and brand names of luggage and computer cases. They have a nice price range too, from lower cost models that are still high quality, to the high end items that cost quite a bit more.

In time I will add many pages for all types of luggage, bags, briefcases and laptop computer cases. Anything I sell here is quality products you can trust that will last and has a good return policy. I hate junk, and I will not sell any of it in here! So check out my new page if your in need of a good laptop computer case, or go right to Luggage Pros and see all their items!

More airline luggage cost means more reason to pack light

packing light for airline travel with rising luggage cost

More and more flying the friendly sky’s means paying for every single thing you carry. With airlines cutting cost they are now resorting to charging for more meals, drinks, little niceties and luggage. They also are not letting you get away with that over-sized carry-on bag like they use to. More and more airlines are charging per item of each checked bag, or after the first one.

Which means all the more reason to learn how to pack light! I must say over packing for trips is a pet peeve of mine. When I see a couple with no kids check in 5 bags plus 2 carry-ons each I have to shake my head and roll my eyes. True, I don’t know anything about them. Maybe they are going on an Brazilian expedition and they have a rubber raft in that luggage, but likely not!

Most people always over pack way too much stuff. When I go on a vacation I take just two carry-ons. One is my laptop, as I am always working on it of course. That’s how I post all these great articles even while on a trip! 😉 The other one is a soft bag with all my other stuff, small enough to fit any airlines carry-on bag size limits. That’s it!
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The joys of traveling Orlando airport single

Orlando International Airport is not anywhere near as big as some others are. JFK, Miami, Huston and all those airports make Orlando airport look small. But it’s still a major airport, and most of the people coming in are tourist. With the holidays here there are so many traveling at the same time. So it really creates a bottleneck at the check-in counters and luggage pickup.

This is where I find myself getting a bit smug. You see, I’m single, and so most often when I fly it’s by myself. The biggest hassle of flying is your luggage. In fact if not for luggage the whole flying experience would be pretty enjoyable,,,, almost! After a few dozen trips back and forth from Orlando to Vermont where I am from, I have my flying secret down. [Read more…]