Universal Studios Christmas holiday events 2012

Universal Studios Christmas events and shows 2012

It’s time to find out what’s going on for Universal Studios Christmas holiday events and shows for 2012! As always they have a lot going on at both of their parks. Here’s a summary of the shows and events.
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Macy’s holiday parade at Universal Studios Youtube video

I’m running behind on lots of things these days due to the holidays. Right now over at Universal Studios they are having their Macy’s holiday parade going on each night until Jan. 1st.

I have not been over there yet to take a video of it, but I will soon. Once I do I will upload it to my youtube channel and share it here. In the meantime I thought you might want to see the one I made from last year.

Here’s a tip. At the end of the parade they have the Christmas tree lighting display. The girls from the Rockettes do a dance right in front of the tree, then at the end the lights come on and confetti comes down.

So if you can get a spot near the tree to watch the parade. The tree will be in the lower part of the park near “The Mummy” ride. This is at the Universal Orlando park, NOT at Islands of Adventure. Enjoy my video! :)

Macys Christmas holiday parade at Universal Studios 2011

Universal Studios is getting ready for the holiday season, and one of the best events there is the Macy’s Christmas holiday parade at Universal Studios 2011!

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is an American icon, a beloved harbinger for the holiday season in the United States. Have you ever wondered where the floats go for Christmas?

They go to Universal Studios theme park in Florida! You can see the excitement and magic of Macy’s Holiday Parade without having to make a trip to New York City. The parade is held in the Universal Orlando park, NOT Islands of Adventure.
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Universal Studios Macy’s Christmas parade youtube video and pictures

Hope everyone’s holidays are going well! A few days ago I went with some friends to watch the Universal Studios Macy’s Christmas parade! I took this youtube video of it above if you want to see it.

I also took some nice pictures of the colorful characters that were walking around before the parade, you can see them below. Universal has some very unique looking holiday characters that walk on stilts.

My favorite is the candy cane girls, yum yum! 😉 They had lots of others too, but I kept taking pictures of the candy cane girls for some reason. Anyway you can see a mix of them below.
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Macy’s Christmas holiday parade at Universal Studios picture gallery

Macy's Christmas parade at Universal Studios

Each year at Christmastime Universal Studios Orlando puts on a nightly parade. They use some of the same parade floats that are in the Macy’s parade, so they call it the Macy’s holiday parade at Universal Studios. They have lots of characters in Christmas outfits and funny ones, including many on high stilts.

I liked the girls in skin tight candy cane outfits myself! I took a lot of pictures of the Macy’s holiday parade and made a slide show here for you. It starts at 5:00 PM and they come out from the back by the starbucks place. Then they make a circle up to the front and back down and out again. It has some great music to go with it.

So if your going to Universal from now until Jan. 1st make sure you take in the parade, it’s well worth it. I took these pictures across the street from the Terminator show. Click the first thumbnail to start the slide show, then click the picture in the slide show to exit it when your done. I hope you enjoy these pictures from the Macy’s holiday parade at Universal Studios Orlando!