Manta roller coaster video youtube at SeaWorld

It’s hard to believe, but the Manta roller coaster at Sea World in Orlando is now a year old! So here’s a cool Manta roller coaster video from youtube that celebrates the first year anniversary of it.

The Manta roller coaster at Sea World has been very popular, and the ride has worked great with very little break downs. With the Manta roller coaster, you sit under the track.

Not only that, but you then are extended into a horizontal position, or close to it. Some call it the superman position, like your flying through the air on the roller coaster.

You feel like your going much faster in that position, and it makes you come close to a waterfall and the water below on some of the twist and turns it puts you through.

More than 1.4 million people have rode the Manta roller coaster at Sea World since it’s opened. The attraction also has great sea life exhibits you can walk around and see, with Manta rays and lots of aquatic life.

Make sure you ride it if you go to Sea World in Orlando. Watch this Manta roller coaster video youtube clip and you’ll see why it’s so much fun!

Sea World’s new roller coaster Manta open!

Well it’s time to get everyone up to date on the latest news around Orlando, Fl! So what better way then to announce the grand opening of Sea World’s new roller coaster, Manta! It will have it’s official opening the 22nd, Friday. But people already can ride it, and word of mouth is it’s a fantastic ride!

Billed as the only one of it’s kind in Florida, Manta has a sneak twist to it. You get in like any other roller coaster that hangs under the rail. But then once your all strapped in place it moves you all forward and down, until your stretched out almost like in a superman position. You can imagine how much faster it seems to be going when your face down looking at the ground zoom by.

Manta Puts you through loops and turns, followed by what looks like near misses of waterfalls and other objects. It has a nice aquatic theme in keeping with the parks animals and fish. It’s a very fun ride and the neat position you get put into is one you have to experience. A word of warning however.

Make sure you take EVERYTHING out of your pockets, off your head and around your neck! Nothing you try to keep on you will stay on unless it’s tied on you. Hats, sunglasses, flip flops, phones in your pocket, change, everything will fall off you. Use the lockers near the ride to store all your stuff. Then get ready for the ride of your life!

New flying roller coaster Manta at Sea World youtube video

It’s been pretty cool the past couple of nights here in Orlando, hope it warms up. Of course for those up north I’m sure it’s hot compared to up there! Anyways I wanted to give you a sneak peek at a brand new roller coaster being made at Sea World. It’s called Manta, and it will be what is called a flying roller coaster.

Okay so just what is a flying roller coaster? It’s one where you step into it and get all buckled up. Then the thing tilts you forward so your in kind of a “superman” position, neat huh! It will seat 4 across and your knees will still be bent, but your front body is extended out and flat to the ground, sort of. The sensation you get will be like flying.

The total height of the coaster is 140 feet, with a 113 foot first drop. It has a top speed of 56 mph, but in that flying position it will feel a lot faster! It will last about 2 and a half minutes, and the height requirement to get on is 52 inches or higher. It is scheduled to be open on May 22 of this year, 2009. So check out the youtube video of the flying roller coaster ride Manta at Sea World!