Orlando International airport information page

Orlando international airport terminal map

I’ve got a long way to go as far as making this site filled with all the Orlando information I want to put in here. But today I finally made a new page all about the Orlando International airport. For most tourist the airport is where they will be coming in, renting a car or talking a bus or taxi, and flying out.

So it’s nice to know where everything is once you get there! The Orlando airport is much more compact than most major airports. You can walk from one end of the main terminal to the other in 5 minutes. That’s because the gates where you board the planes are located in four different “hubs” connected to the main terminal by automatic running monorail cars.

In fact they look just like the monorail at Disney! You HAVE to take one of the cars to get to the gates, there is no other way. Two hubs are at one end of the main terminal, the other two on the other end. So make sure what your gate number is and take the monorail car to the right gate section. You have to pass through security before you can get on board the monorail. [Read more…]

Orlando airport checkpoint friendly laptop bags requirements

Orlando airport checkpoint friendly laptop bags requirements

One of the things I hate the most when traveling by plane is having to take my laptop out of the case. My laptop is my whole job, so I am very picky about it. Seeing it dumped into a dirty plastic tub and smacked around while I hurry up with my other items is very stressful. Well now there is good news, at least at the Orlando International airport.

They now will let you keep your laptop in the case,,, IF it meets the checkpoint friendly laptop bag requirements. Which brings up the question, just why do you need to take it out anyway? It all goes back to a plane bombing about 18 years ago. The bomb was inside a boom box. So they now X-ray all laptops to make sure there is no bomb inside of the case.

The screeners know what the inside of a laptop should look like and if it has been tampered with. So they need a very clear view of the laptop. If there are pockets full of pens, papers, wires and so on over it they can’t get a clear view of it. So that’s why they need to view it outside the laptop case. But now they have decided your laptop can stay in the case as long as the case gives a clear view of the laptop.
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The joys of traveling Orlando airport single

Orlando International Airport is not anywhere near as big as some others are. JFK, Miami, Huston and all those airports make Orlando airport look small. But it’s still a major airport, and most of the people coming in are tourist. With the holidays here there are so many traveling at the same time. So it really creates a bottleneck at the check-in counters and luggage pickup.

This is where I find myself getting a bit smug. You see, I’m single, and so most often when I fly it’s by myself. The biggest hassle of flying is your luggage. In fact if not for luggage the whole flying experience would be pretty enjoyable,,,, almost! After a few dozen trips back and forth from Orlando to Vermont where I am from, I have my flying secret down. [Read more…]