Planning the Perfect Reunion Resort Vacation

Reunion resort home rentals

If you are traveling with the family, with a large group or perhaps you are organizing a business conference that you want to combine with a few rounds on the golf course.

The Reunion Resort is a great place to stay, it hits the right balance of fun activities combined with fantastic villa accommodation.

The luxury villas at the Reunion Resort really deliver in terms of space and style. They are packed full of features and they are sure to provide all of the comforts of home and then some.

It is at the Reunion Resort that you will find the biggest villas available for rent in Orlando, and you will be impressed by the standard of the extra little (and not so little), luxuries that are available.
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Organizing an Orlando Vacation for Large Groups

Orlando vacations

The idea of gathering up all of your nearest and dearest and jetting off on vacation together is probably both appealing and terrifying in equal measures. With so many people to organise the potential stress factor is high.

There are so many things to think about: where will we stay? Where will we eat? How is it possible for everyone to enjoy themselves in big busy theme parks without losing people or having to compromise on activities that people want to do?

The truth is, there is a lot to think about but at the same time, a big group vacation can be great fun and even enhanced by having lots of people around you. There are some great tips and ideas that make the whole thing a lot easier to handle.
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All the Enjoyment of a Holiday in Orlando

Diisney's Cinderella's castle

There are a number of top destinations for a holiday in the sun. However, little can beat all the city of Orlando has to offer. With theme parks, shopping malls, golf courses, museums and more, any visitors to the city will be spoilt for choice.

Holidays in the Sun
Especially for those living in less balmy climates, little can surpass a holiday spent in the sunshine. Fortunately the world is dotted with destinations offering top vacation opportunities in warm temperatures, ranging from the active to the luxurious.

As such, there is a holiday in the sun to suit everyone. Families can relax on the beaches of the Caribbean whilst walking holidays in Spain are an ideal choice for fans of activity breaks. The world is also dotted with many fantastic cities offering visitors a taste of urban life in more tropical climes.
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My own Orlando vacation family tips

Orlando family vacations

I talk a lot about the theme parks and give general tips here. But I bet a lot would like to know just what I personally would do if I was on a vacation in Orlando, Florida. Well, this fall my mom and sister will be coming down.

It will be the first time they have come down here together, for my mom it will be her first time in Florida. So I’ve been thinking about what to do and where to go once they are here.

Now they can only stay about a full week, which is about the amount of time many spend on a Orlando vacation. So what do you do in a week for someone who has never been down here before?
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Summer tips for your Florida vacation

Summer heat tips for Florida vacation

Even though it’s almost the end of July, August is just as hot here in Florida. It’s been a very hot summer here in Orlando, with not enough rain. Most visitors are not use to how direct and humid the weather is here.

Most people are surprised to see how easy they get a sunburn down here. That Florida sun can really make you red in only 20 minutes. Imagine spending an afternoon at the beach or water park.

The next day you’ll be one big red mark! So make sure you really slather on that high index sunscreen all over your body. That includes your face and even scalp if your thin up there.
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Adding a new look to my Orlando tourist site today

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you a heads up about the new theme I am putting on my site today. It’s a very professional look with a fun blue color. It also has a normal website home page.

So now you can search for all the articles and news about Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and Orlando vacation information on the new top menu, two in fact.

If the site looks strange and changes a bit today, it’s because I’m working on it, making it look the best and tweaking everything. I should have it all done in a few hours, I hope! :)

Spring in Orlando, a great time for a Disney vacation!

Spring in Orlando, great vacation time!

Well it’s spring here in the USA. Of course down here in Orlando it’s been hot for months. Soon it will be summer, and that means the summer tourist season. That is when it gets really busy, and even hotter!

So if you want to get out and enjoy a nice Disney vacation or other type of Orlando, Florida break, now is a great time to do it. It’s not as hot as it will get in another month, and the busy season is still a bit away.
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Orlando Holiday airport travel tips and tricks

Orlando Holiday airport travel tips and tricks

The 2009 Holiday travel has begun! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years see’s the biggest tourist crowds in the Orlando airport. Many from Florida are flying out to spend a white Christmas with loved ones up north. While many more are flying in for a Disney or other theme park Holiday vacation.

The biggest hassle will be at the Orlando airport. Expect long lines both at the baggage check-in area and also at the security points. These two spots will give you the biggest headaches and cost you the most time. Many people flying in or out for the Holidays don’t travel often and may not be up to date on everything.

So here’s a few refresher tips and tricks for you. Many airlines now charge for checked baggage, or checked bags over one per person. So remember that when your in the baggage line. But since they charge per bag anyway, and the baggage line is the longest wait at the airport, why not ship them instead?
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Fall season best time for Orlando vacation theme parks visit

best time for a Orlando vacation is in the fall for Disney and Universal

Ok so my attempt at using one of my Vermont fall pictures and Tinkerbell is not so hot! I’ll do better next time. Now that fall is here I wanted to say something I’ve said before and I’ll say again; the fall season is the BEST time, in my opinion, for your Orlando vacation to see Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and the others.

The reason for this is many, and I’ll explain them all here. The summertime is actually the busiest time of the year for all the theme parks in Orlando. So, what happens when any area is at it’s peak for tourist? The prices for everything is the highest it will be all year long. Also, the crowds are the fullest, and the Florida sun is at it’s hottest. To me summer is the WORST time to come to Orlando!

But now that it’s fall, the summer crowds are gone. That means the prices for hotels, rental cars, airlines and so many other things are down. Or at least on their way down right now. It’s not as hot in the fall, yet still plenty warm. Most people underestimate how hot it gets here in Orlando in the summer. Also the afternoon thunderstorms are gone, or at least much fewer.
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Safety tips for your Orlando Vacation

Orlando vacation safety tips

Most of the time the thousands of tourist on their Orlando vacation never run into anything bad. The tourist areas in Orlando are for the most part very safe. Like most cities, the bad guys tend to stick around their own areas and prey off each other, which is far from the tourist areas. However, there is always a few that decide to try to take stuff from people on a vacation.

You don’t know the area well, your distracted with all the new sights and attractions, and you can let your guard down. Taking the time to do a few things will insure that your not a victim of tourist crime. Most thieves are looking for a fast and easy victim. So a little precaution will go a long way to discourage them from picking you out of the hundreds of others around you.

So here’s a few general tips that will greatly reduce the chance of you becoming a victim in Orlando. First, don’t rent a convertible! No Floridian ever drives a convertible, which means it says “hey, here’s a tourist, take my stuff”! Trust me, you don’t want to drive one in Florida anyway. It’s so hot that as soon as you stop at a light you’ll be dripping in sweat. Convertibles look fun, but not in Orlando!
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Sneak peek at Universal Studios The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Universal Studios peek at The Wizarding world of Harry Potter park

One of biggest projects going on at Universal Studios Orlando right now is the construction of the new Wizarding world of Harry Potter park. Located where the dueling dragons are now at Islands of Adventure, it will be a theme park within a theme park at 20 acres in size. Harry Potter fans are very eager to see it open, and many will be scheduling their Orlando vacation around the opening date.

Up to now Universal Studios would only say it would open sometime in 2010, quite a big time frame. But now they have announced that The Wizarding world of Harry Potter theme park will open in the spring of 2010! That still leaves 3 months or so of time within to open, but at least it’s better than a whole year.

Universal Studios peek at The Wizarding world of Harry Potter park

As for what rides you can expect, there seems to be at least 3 major Harry Potter themed rides, maybe as many as 5. The biggest and best so far seems to be “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey,” a state-of-the-art attraction located within the recreated Hogwarts Castle. Not a roller coaster, it sounds like a mix between the “Spiderman ride” and “the mummy”.

The other Harry Potter rides will also be good I’m sure. Universal Studios is really banking a lot on this, so they know they have to get it right and get it good! If you need to schedule your Orlando vacation soon and really want to visit The Wizarding world of Harry Potter, I would play it safe and shoot for late spring, around June to make sure it’s open.

Universal Studios peek at The Wizarding world of Harry Potter park

More airline luggage cost means more reason to pack light

packing light for airline travel with rising luggage cost

More and more flying the friendly sky’s means paying for every single thing you carry. With airlines cutting cost they are now resorting to charging for more meals, drinks, little niceties and luggage. They also are not letting you get away with that over-sized carry-on bag like they use to. More and more airlines are charging per item of each checked bag, or after the first one.

Which means all the more reason to learn how to pack light! I must say over packing for trips is a pet peeve of mine. When I see a couple with no kids check in 5 bags plus 2 carry-ons each I have to shake my head and roll my eyes. True, I don’t know anything about them. Maybe they are going on an Brazilian expedition and they have a rubber raft in that luggage, but likely not!

Most people always over pack way too much stuff. When I go on a vacation I take just two carry-ons. One is my laptop, as I am always working on it of course. That’s how I post all these great articles even while on a trip! 😉 The other one is a soft bag with all my other stuff, small enough to fit any airlines carry-on bag size limits. That’s it!
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