See my new brown cowhide leather jackets!

brown cafe leather jacket
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Yes I know, leather jackets have nothing to do with a tourist site. But I run my own leather jackets and apparel website and I’m excited about a new jacket I just got so I wanted to mention it here.

A short time ago I figured out how to order my very own leather jackets directly from leather manufactures. I mean I tell them the designs and colors I want and they make it from scratch, custom made.

That opens up a lot more styles and designs of leather jackets I can now sell. Before I did what everyone else does; order the same types of jackets from a few big wholesalers everyone else does.
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My own brand of retro brown leather cafe motorcycle jackets!

retro brown cafe motorcycle jackets
Click here for this great men’s retro brown cafe motorcycle jacket!

I don’t often say much about the other things I do in here, or other websites I have. But today I wanted to let you all know that I have started my own brand of leather jackets I sell in my own online leather store.

For years I have run a small leather jacket store online called Leather Supreme. I sell several different brands of leather jackets, all top quality and reasonable prices. But I always hated how almost all of them were the same basic black colors.

Plus others sell the same brands, so I was selling the same jackets many others do. I wanted to sell different colors, styles and unique jackets you can’t find all over the place.
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