SeaWorld Orlando Bands, Brew and BBQ concerts, shows 2012

SeaWorld's Bands, Bew and BBQ shows for 2012

SeaWorld in Orlando has hit a major homerun with this event – Bands, Brew, and BBQ. Three of America’s favorites – what’s not to love? The fun starts on February 12, 2012, and takes place every Saturday and Sunday from then through March 4.

Listening to the live performances is even better when it’s accompanied by tasty food and great beer, and SeaWorld has taken care of these details. Scores of beers from some twenty international and American breweries will keep everyone’s thirst quenched.

And as for food, it’s all about barbecue and items hot off the grill. Guests can travel from tent to tent sampling the offerings, or they can relax in the beer garden. The BBQ will be prepared by some of the best grillmasters in the area, along with some of SeaWorld’s own skilled chefs.
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Blue Horizons show at SeaWorld

Blue Horizons at SeaWorld is a show the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Featured at Orlando’s SeaWorld, the show is an extravaganza that combines animal performances, divers, birds, aerialists, and aspects of a Broadway production.

The set of Blue Horizons was designed by Stanley Meyer, famous for his work on Beauty and the Beast Broadway musical. Along with designing the set, Meyer was also used as a consultant for Blue Horizons.

Meyer’s set includes a forty-feet-tall framework over the pool, where human performers balance, dive, and float on clouds. They also make some heart-stopping plunges with bungee cords, much to the delight of audiences.
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