SeaWorld New Years Eve 2011 fireworks, shows

SeaWorld Orlando New Years Eve fireworks and shows for 2011!

SeaWorld of Orlando, like the other major theme parks, is planning a big New Years Eve party and show for 2011-2012. They actually have some very good fireworks, synchronized with music and even colored water fountains!

So just what can you expect to see and do at this years SeaWorld Orlando New Years Eve celebration for 2011? Well a lot of it will be the same shows that have been going on for the Christmas holidays.

All of the special Christmas holiday shows and events will also be going on New Years Eve Dec. 31st, 2011. That includes The Polar Express Experience ride, the Winter Wonderland on Ice skating show, Shamu’s Christmas Miracles show and more.
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SeaWorld Orlando Christmas holidays events and shows 2011

SeaWorld Christmas holiday events for 2011

Once again it’s time to see what will be going on at SeaWorld for the Christmas holidays events and shows for 2011. Each year it gets bigger and better and this year is no exception.

Starting in November, SeaWorld Orlando will kick off its annual Christmas celebration, with the total transformation of the popular park. The festivities will include Winter Wonderland on Ice, A Sesame Street Christmas, Clyde and Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas, Shamu Christmas Miracles, the Makahiki Christmas Luau, and The Polar Express Experience.

If you’re at SeaWorld on New Year’s Eve, you’ll be treated to some great live music and a spectacular fireworks display to help you bring in the new year.
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SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular Party for 2011

SeaWorld Spooktacular Halloween party 2011

If you associate SeaWorld just with summer vacation, you’re missing out on loads of fun throughout the year! Take, for example, their Halloween Spooktacular event that takes place every weekend during the month of October.

It’s amazing fun for all ages, so bring the whole family! At SeaWorld’s Spooktacular Halloweeen party 2011 The gala begins at noon each Saturday and Sunday in October, and it continues until 8 p.m.

At Orlando SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular, the underwater gang gets in on the action. Visitors to the park during the event will walk through schools of pumpkin fish as they encounter and interact with more than thirty whimsical sea creatures, including sea witches, sea fairies, Saltwater Taffy, and Suzy the Swedish Fish.
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New baby dolphin born at SeaWorld Orlando

Baby dolphin born at SeaWorld Orlando

Hey everyone, for you SeaWorld and dolphin fans I thought I’d show you a few pictures of the latest addition over at SeaWorld Orlando. About a week ago a brand new baby dolphin was born!

This cute Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin was born to Ariel, a dolphin they have had for a while. It weighs 35 pounds but is growing fast. They have mom and the baby in the dolphin nursery tank.

Baby dolphin born at SeaWorld Orlando

The dolphin nursery is where expectant dolphins, mothers and calfs live for several years before being moved to a new home in the dolphin cove habitat.

Right now there are 8 adult dolphins and 3 dolphin calfs living in the nursery. The new baby has not been named yet and they don’t know the gender of it as of now.

So if you go to SeaWorld soon make sure you head over to the dolphin nursery tank and see the brand new baby dolphin. Mom and baby are doing fine and making guest happy as they see the cute new baby!

SeaWorld Orlando is open all year from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM with extended hours during holidays. Spend a day there and see all the wonderful marine life and check out the great rides!

Baby dolphin born at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld’s Aquatica Water Park in Orlando, Florida

SeaWorld's Aquatica water park

Now that summertime is here the heat goes up super high in Orlando, Florida. That means it’s time to head to the local water parks. One of the best and newest is Aquatica.

Aquatica is SeaWorld’s water park, and it’s located just across the street from the famous SeaWorld Orlando. This is a perfect place to spend an entire day.

Rides and attractions range from calm and relaxing to heart-pounding and thrilling, so there’s something for everyone. You’ll even find venues reserved just for little kids.
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SeaWorld Orlando 4th of July fireworks, shows 2011

If your a SeaWorld fan chances are your wondering what will be going on there this 4th of July 2011. The park hours will be from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM and will feature many cool things going on throughout the night.

Actually many of the shows and events on the fourth of July at SeaWorld Orlando are on every night during the summer. But there will be some special shows and fireworks for July 4th 2011.

At 8:30 p.m and 9:45 p.m you can see Shamu Rocks, a special show at the Shamu Stadium. Watch Shamu and other killer whales perform high energy tricks and stunts with cool music, lights and giant screens.
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Shamu’s Happy Harbor rides and playground at SeaWorld Orlando

Shamu’s Happy Harbor rides and playground at SeaWorld Orlando is fun for little kids while offering a break for parents. It’s a great place for the kids to play while you relax on the bench with some drinks.

Featuring a water-filled spray ground, remote-controlled trucks and whirlpool tea cups, Shamu’s Happy Harbor is the most popular area for small children at Sea World.

This play area is hosted by the park’s Shamu killer whale mascot, and has a four-story net tower with kiddie slides, climbing pyramid and bounce houses.
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Blue Horizons show at SeaWorld

Blue Horizons at SeaWorld is a show the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Featured at Orlando’s SeaWorld, the show is an extravaganza that combines animal performances, divers, birds, aerialists, and aspects of a Broadway production.

The set of Blue Horizons was designed by Stanley Meyer, famous for his work on Beauty and the Beast Broadway musical. Along with designing the set, Meyer was also used as a consultant for Blue Horizons.

Meyer’s set includes a forty-feet-tall framework over the pool, where human performers balance, dive, and float on clouds. They also make some heart-stopping plunges with bungee cords, much to the delight of audiences.
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Discovery Cove Grand Reef at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove set to open in June 2011

SeaWorld's Discovery Cove reef to open in June 2011

If your a fan of SeaWorld in Orlando, then I’m sure you know all about SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove. That’s the place next to the main park where you can swim with dolphins and get personal attention.

Well soon there will be a new section to Discovery Cove called Discovery Cove Grand Reef! It’s a big one million gallon salt water reef where guest will be able to swim and walk around with sharks, rays and many other saltwater marine life and fish.

Discovery Cove Grand Reef will have around 125 different kinds of fish and reef species, with sharks and rays as well as coral, urchins and all the other reef life you normally would expect.
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SeaWorld putting trainers back in water with killer whales

SeaWorld getting trainers back in water with whales

Well here’s some interesting news from SeaWorld. It seems as though they are going to very slowly start putting trainers back into the pools with the killer whales.

As most people know, SeaWorld has not allowed any of the Orca whale trainers into the water with any of the whales since SeaWorld Orlando trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by a 6-ton orca named Tilikum on Feb. 24, 2010.

But now they say they are going to very slowly start some water works with trainers in the water with the whales. At first it will be just restricted to small medical pools equipped with false-bottom floors that can be lifted out of the water.
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New Shamu killer whale show One Ocean at Sea World this summer

Click to hear about the new killer whale show “One Ocean” at Sea World

For you Sea World of Orlando fans I have some news for you! Seems like this year, maybe around late spring, they will have an all new shamu killer whale show!

The new Sea World show will be called One Ocean, which will replace the 5 year old “Believe” killer whale show they have had. The pool and props around it will be very different and will be extensively re-done.

The reason for this, even if they don’t say it, is because of the death of Dawn Brancheau, who was battered and killed by a killer whale last year. In this new show, no Sea World trainers will be in the water with the killer whales.
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Manta roller coaster video youtube at SeaWorld

It’s hard to believe, but the Manta roller coaster at Sea World in Orlando is now a year old! So here’s a cool Manta roller coaster video from youtube that celebrates the first year anniversary of it.

The Manta roller coaster at Sea World has been very popular, and the ride has worked great with very little break downs. With the Manta roller coaster, you sit under the track.

Not only that, but you then are extended into a horizontal position, or close to it. Some call it the superman position, like your flying through the air on the roller coaster.

You feel like your going much faster in that position, and it makes you come close to a waterfall and the water below on some of the twist and turns it puts you through.

More than 1.4 million people have rode the Manta roller coaster at Sea World since it’s opened. The attraction also has great sea life exhibits you can walk around and see, with Manta rays and lots of aquatic life.

Make sure you ride it if you go to Sea World in Orlando. Watch this Manta roller coaster video youtube clip and you’ll see why it’s so much fun!