Re-done Spider Man ride at Universal Studios running again!

Re-done spiderman ride now running!

For all you Spiderman ride fans, I’m happy to say they have finished re-doing the ride at Universal Studios and it’s now running again! They closed it down for a complete overhaul not long ago.

Basically they have updated the projection screen to high definition, so everything looks better with more detail. The basic plot remains the same, but with new scenes and a little bit different layout.

It also has a new sound system and a 3D projection. So combined it really makes it quite a bit different than the old ride and so it will be like going on it for the first time.
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Spiderman ride at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure review

Spiderman ride at Universal Studios

I’ve been on the spiderman ride at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure about,,,,oh,,,a few hundred times maybe. So I think I’m qualified to give you an honest review about it!

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is one of the main ride attractions in Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios. This popular theme park ride makes you feel like you are right in the action and completely involved in what is going on.

The queue line of the spiderman ride takes you through a replica of the newspaper office Peter Parker works at. At one point you enter a big room where they show a video of what is suppose to be happening in the city. Then you finally get to the ride station.
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