New Disney Star Tours 2 ride youtube video

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy with summer stuff here in Orlando, going to the parks and so on, work work you know! One thing I did recently is go to the new Star Tours 2 ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

As you may know they just got done re-doing the ride, making it better. I have to say they did a great job and the 3D video you see in the simulator really is much better than the old one.

You get to go to many more places and do more things. The Star Tours 2 youtube video above gives you some of the highlights of what you see on the ride. It looks much more real on the ride as it’s 3D, your moving around and the background scenery is more realistic then in this one.

But this gives you an idea of what you can look forward to when you go on the ride. So check out this Star Tours 2 youtube video and get a taste of what you’ll be experiencing once you go! :)

Disney’s re-done Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios open May 20th

The re-opening of Star Tours is this may 20th!

If your a Star Wars fan you know that the Star Tours ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was closed for a make-over a while back. Well soon it will be open again with an all new look and feel!

In fact the Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios will have it’s grand opening next Friday, May 20th 2011. I’ve got some inside information about it which I’ll share here. So don’t read any further if you don’t want to know!

The new Star Tours ride actually still has the same layout as before, basically. What has changed is the look, theme and the ride. The ride theme is totally different than before, which was about everyone on a ship manned by a clumsy robot.
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