Star Wars Weekends 2013

Star wars weekends for 2013

Tens of thousands of people are waiting for the Star Wars Weekends. This summer event celebrates the spectacular “Star Wars” universe created by George Lucas.

Each weekend starting from May 17th you will be able to meet your favorite Star Wars characters and enjoy fabulous shows at Disney Hollywood Studios! The event runs for four consecutive weekends, so you have plenty of time to make plans and attend this annual celebration.

For Star Wars fans, this fun filled event is like a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. From Friday to Sunday each weekend, you can have fun and blast into the Star Wars universe. Coming face to face with an armed robot is not uncommon! Ashley Eckstein and James Arnold Taylor will return as celebrity hosts, a role they have performed for the last two years.
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Hollywood Studios Star Wars weekends 2012 going on now!

Star Wars weekends at Disney

I’m a bit late on this, but better late than never right! Just wanted to give you all a heads up that the annual Star Wars weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going on now.

Each Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Hollywood Studios theme park at Disney you can catch lots of characters, shows and events from the Star Wars movies.

On each of the days at 12:40 PM will be the Legends of the Force parade up Hollywood Boulevard that will have all your favorite Star Wars characters and some that may surprise you.
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Disney’s re-done Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios open May 20th

The re-opening of Star Tours is this may 20th!

If your a Star Wars fan you know that the Star Tours ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was closed for a make-over a while back. Well soon it will be open again with an all new look and feel!

In fact the Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios will have it’s grand opening next Friday, May 20th 2011. I’ve got some inside information about it which I’ll share here. So don’t read any further if you don’t want to know!

The new Star Tours ride actually still has the same layout as before, basically. What has changed is the look, theme and the ride. The ride theme is totally different than before, which was about everyone on a ship manned by a clumsy robot.
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Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

Star Wars weekends at Disney

If you’re a Star Wars aficionado, pack your bags and head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando for one of the Star Wars Weekends. There are four separate events, and each one lasts three days, Friday through Sunday. The 2011 Star Wars Weekends will be on May 20-22, May 27-29, June 3-5, and June 10-12.

During Star Wars Weekends, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be invaded by Storm Troopers, Sith Lords, Jedi Knights, aliens, droids, cuddly Ewoks, and other characters from the Star Wars movies and The Clone Wars television shows. There will also be some Star Wars celebrities on hand, and you can get their autographs.

If your kids are Jedi wannabes, they’ll love the Jedi Training Academy for the ages 4-12 visitors. There, they’ll learn the art of handling a lightsabre and ready themselves to do battle with the most crafty evil-doers in the universe by implementing the powerful Force.
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Star Wars Celebration V convention in Orlando this weekend

star wars

As usual I’m late in getting this out, but hopefully some will find it useful. This weekend, from August 12-15, at the Orange county convention center on International drive in Orlando is Star Wars Celebration V!

It’s going to be a very big convention for Star Wars lovers, with lots going on and things to see. Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will be there, and George Lucas will be interviewed by Jon Stewart onstage Saturday morning. Errr, that’s today, sorry!

I always like the sexy babes that show up at these shows wearing Star Wars themed outfits. That means lots of Princess Leia outfits, including that steel bondage getup she was in with Jabba the Hut!
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