Universal Studios Superstar Parade Youtube video

I’ve been meaning to take a video of Universal Studios new summer parade. But since I still have not I figured I would post a good Youtube video of it here. That way you get to see what it’s all about.

The parade is called Universal Studios Superstar Parade, and it is held at the Universal Orlando park, not Islands of Adventure. It’s not a big or long parade but it is unique.

You can see all the characters from the Despicable Me movie, standing and sitting on some very cool looking floats. Plus SpongeBob Square pants, Dora the explorer and many other popular characters.

So take a peek at the video and see how you like it. My laptop got fried by a lightning strike a few days ago so I’m busy putting all my data back together. But I’ll be back up to speed soon! :)

Universal Studios new daily parade, events and shows

Universal Studios new daily parade and shows

Universal Studios will be coming out with a lot of new things this spring. Most of them will be in the Universal Studios park, not Islands of Adventure. They have enough new things in that park and need to add more to the other park.

One thing that will be very cool is the first daily parade at Universal Studios. Called “Universal’s Superstar Parade” it will feature very large floats and characters from the Universal movies and shows.

Like characters from the Despicable Me movie, “Hop,” “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “Dora the Explorer”. Plus lots of other street performers and dancers. The parade will stop several times to interact with the crowd.
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Macy’s holiday parade at Universal Studios Youtube video

I’m running behind on lots of things these days due to the holidays. Right now over at Universal Studios they are having their Macy’s holiday parade going on each night until Jan. 1st.

I have not been over there yet to take a video of it, but I will soon. Once I do I will upload it to my youtube channel and share it here. In the meantime I thought you might want to see the one I made from last year.

Here’s a tip. At the end of the parade they have the Christmas tree lighting display. The girls from the Rockettes do a dance right in front of the tree, then at the end the lights come on and confetti comes down.

So if you can get a spot near the tree to watch the parade. The tree will be in the lower part of the park near “The Mummy” ride. This is at the Universal Orlando park, NOT at Islands of Adventure. Enjoy my video! :)