Give leather roses for Valentines day this year!

leather roses

Very soon it will be Valentine’s Day. This year why not give your sweetheart the type of rose that will last forever instead of just a few days? I’m talking about handcrafted, quality leather roses!

A dozen leather roses or even a single one is a very unique gift for Valentines day. In fact lots of people don’t even know they make leather roses, not ones that look like real ones anyways.

These leather roses come in long stem design with real leather making the rose petals. A bouquet of a dozen or half dozen red leather roses come in a clear plastic long stem rose box with ribbon, tissue and glitter.
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Valentines day gifts, gift baskets, ideas

leather roses for bikers

Soon it will be Valentines day, the day for romance, sweet kisses and red roses! Unless you forget of course, in which case it will be a night of cold stares and sleeping by the TV. šŸ˜‰

So make sure you get your sweetie a Valentines day gift, like gift baskets or flowers. Some cool Valentines day ideas are getting a dozen leather roses like the ones above.

Leather roses last forever unlike just a few days for real ones. They will remind your better half how much you care a lot longer than after you dump the wilted real roses in the trash. Check them out by clicking on the picture above.
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Roadside roses in Orlando for Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone! If your in Orlando on vacation you might be thinking about where you can get some roses or other gifts for your sweetie for Valentines. There actually are many places you can buy some roses, heart shaped chocolates and cards for Valentines day around the tourist areas.

The catch is, they are a bit cheap. As in mass produced and a bit low grade. Going into any large grocery store like the Publix chain you will find Valentines cards, chocolates, balloons and roses. Every 7-11, and you find them about every mile in Orlando, will have some cheap roses, cards and trinkets for Valentines day.

Even the many gift shops will have a few things to give your sweetheart for Valentines Day. One thing you will find down here, and it seems to be something you find just in Florida, are the many vans parked by the road selling roses. That’s right, today if you drive around your sure to see a van parked on the side of major roads with the back door open selling fresh roses, cheap too! [Read more…]

Valentines day weekend hotel deals in Orlando

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So the 14th is Valentines day, love is in the air! At least it is if you don’t forget your sweetie on this day. If you do then it’s more like the smell of burned dinners for the next week! Orlando is a great place to be on Valentines day. There are hundreds of romantic places to get away, do things and shop for that perfect Valentines gift.

One great way to make your Valentines special this year is to book a romantic getaway hotel for the weekend. A good friend of mine is going to stay with his girlfriend at Universal’s Portofino Bay hotel. Almost all the major hotels in Orlando are having some type of Valentines weekend deal. With hundreds of them it can be confusing which one to pick.

Priceline has a nice list of the best Orlando area hotels that are having Valentines specials, so I recommend checking them out and seeing what is closest to you. In fact the links I have here will take you right to the Valentines special deals page. Just type in the area and let Priceline show you all the best deals you can get for romantic hotel Valentines specials!

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