My latest Vermont vacation pictures!

Vermont vacation pictures

A few days ago I got back from a week vacation to my home state of Vermont. It rained every day, so basically it was a normal week in Vermont. 😀 It was nice to get some cooler weather however and I had a good time.

Most of my visit was just visiting family and friends, doing things for my mom and so on. I did get up to the mountains once and did a little driving around to see my old places I use to visit.

I rented a car this time which was nice but cost more. I also took a different airline; as of now Allegiant Air is the only airline that offers non-stop flights from central Florida to Burlington, Vermont.
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Back from my Vermont vacation, pictures and videos!

Stowe, Vermont pictures of Mount Mansfield

Hey everyone! Where does someone who lives in Orlando go on their summer vacation? Well in my case it was back up to my home state of Vermont! I’ve been gone for a week and just got back.

It was nice up there, great weather. I spent time seeing all the family and so on, checking out the places I use to go to and all that. This time I did something special however.

In Stowe, Vermont is Mount Mansfield. It’s the highest peak in the state and where the best Vermont skiing is. They have a huge ski lodge at the base of it that also is a hotel.
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