Disney Christmas Electrical Parade Youtube video 2012

I took a lot of pictures and videos during the holidays at Disney. Frankly it’s very crowded during those times and I’d rather not be there. But it’s the only time you can get pictures and videos of the cool holiday decorations.

Above is a video I made of Disney’s Electrical Parade at the magic kingdom. It was during this years Christmas holiday. I don’t think it really changes that much from any time of the year.

I took this video right at the start of the parade as they come out of the back area in the front of the park. In hindsight it would have looked better if I had taken it in a different location.

I’ll do that next time! Anyways if you’ve never seen Disney’s Electrical parade at the Magic Kingdom, this gives you a good idea what to expect. It looks much better in person, a video really can’t do it Justice. Enjoy! :)

Universal Studios Superstar Parade Youtube video

I’ve been meaning to take a video of Universal Studios new summer parade. But since I still have not I figured I would post a good Youtube video of it here. That way you get to see what it’s all about.

The parade is called Universal Studios Superstar Parade, and it is held at the Universal Orlando park, not Islands of Adventure. It’s not a big or long parade but it is unique.

You can see all the characters from the Despicable Me movie, standing and sitting on some very cool looking floats. Plus SpongeBob Square pants, Dora the explorer and many other popular characters.

So take a peek at the video and see how you like it. My laptop got fried by a lightning strike a few days ago so I’m busy putting all my data back together. But I’ll be back up to speed soon! :)

Walt Disney New Storybook Circus in Fantasyland youtube video

As I mentioned here in another post a week or two ago, one part of the new Fantasyland project at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park is now open. A part of that is called Storybook Circus.

I’m sure your all wondering just what it looks like, so here’s a cool Disney youtube video of it. It’s actually quite a long video that gives you lots of details of what is inside.

Part of the Storybook Circus area is the re-done Dumbo ride, which you can see in this video. They added lots of details to the ride making it look even better.

Another part of Storybook Circus has Goofy’s “Great Goofini” Barnstormer roller coaster. It’s a mild roller coaster made for small kids but adults can also ride it.

The Magic Kingdom train also has a station here that is really done up in a cool way with lots to see. Some of the video also shows a bit of the other parts of the new Fantasyland under construction that will open later.

So check out the video of Disney’s new Storybook Circus area to see what you can go on and do now, plus some peeks at what is to come! :)

Bike week 2010 custom bikes youtube video

I know I made a post about a bike week youtube video I took in here a while back. But I made a different one too, this one about some very cool looking custom motorcycles that were on display at the Daytona speedway.

They were fantastic looking and the paint jobs were incredible. They even had some cool trikes and four wheel bikes. So I thought I’d show you this video. Even if your not a fan of motorcycles you’ll love the looks of these.

Next year I’ll go earlier and take a lot more pictures and videos of bike week. But for now enjoy this custom bike youtube video from bike week 2010! :)

Storm Force Accelatron ride at Universal Studios video

I’ve been going hog wild with my new camcorder! 😉 So far I’ve taken 11 youtube videos of the theme parks around Orlando. This one is the Storm Force Accelatron ride at Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios. It’s got a weak story to it, like most do.

Somehow it’s suppose to be about the sexy super hero Storm fighting Magneto, the villain. Since Storm controls the weather I guess the whirling ride is suppose to be like your in a storm she made, get it?

Located next to and behind The Hulk roller coaster, it’s never very full because it’s one of the tamer rides at Universal Studios. In fact many overlook this ride and just give it a passing glance. However it is fun for little kids and grown-ups who don’t like the extreme thrill rides.

You do have to be at least 48 inches tall to ride this. It last maybe 2 minutes or so. It’s a good ride for everyone in the family, a little break from the more extreme rides. As for just what it does, well,,, that’s what the video is for! Go click on it and watch the Storm Force Accelatron ride youtube video. :)

Bike week 2010 youtube video of bikers on main st.

Well in case you did not know, bike week 2010 in Daytona beach ended March 7th. It was colder than normal this year, so the crowds was not as big as usual. I went up twice and took about 3 videos.

This one here is a short one showing the bikers on main street. It’s not all that great, but it gives you an idea of how things look during bike week. I took another longer one of some fantastic custom bikes that was on display, I’ll show that later.

Then I also took one of the wet T shirt contest at Dirty Harry’s on main street. I’m not sure if I should post that one on here! Anyways check out the video above for a taste of bike week 2010 at Daytona beach this year!

Mardi Gras parade at Universal Studios 2010 youtube video

Well everyone, I took a cool video of the Mardi Gras parade at Universal Studios Orlando this past weekend. In fact it’s my very first video with my new camcorder. I think it came out well, although night videos with a standard camcorder is not that great.

But I got all the floats and dancers, plus all the music and people yelling! I can see I need to zoom in a bit more on big objects like the floats to see the details. But again, being at night did not help.

Also I got to Universal Studios during the day when it was warm and just had on my T shirt. By the time the Mardi Gras parade started at 8:00 PM it was cold! So I was shivering like crazy, I really tested out the ant-shake device in the camera, lol!

It seems to work good since you can’t see too much shake. The microphone works pretty good too. I will go back during the day and take videos of all the Mardi Gras characters they have walking around during the daytime. Anyway I hope you enjoy this Mardi Gras parade youtube video I made at Universal Studios!

New Orlando youtube channel for my tourist site!

Click here for my Orlando tourist youtube channel!

Well everyone I’m really excited about the past few days. I got myself a cool new camcorder! I’ve been meaning to get one for a long time, and finally got one. It’s nothing fancy, a Panasonic SDR-S26. But it’s great for youtube videos, with a 70X zoom on it!

I also just opened up my own youtube video channel, click the link to see it and all my videos so far. Right now I just have some picture slide show videos I made. But very soon I’ll be taking a lot of videos of Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and so much more here in Orlando.

In fact next Sat. I’m going to Universal Studios Mardi Gras and take a nice video of that parade. Plus bike week in Daytona is almost here and I’ll take a lot up there. I can see how I’ll be spending more time in the theme parks taking videos of the rides!
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Youtube video of Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park

Today I found a really cool youtube video of Walt Disney World’s Blizzard Beach water park. Now there’s lots of youtube videos out there of Blizzard Beach water park. But this one is taken with the persons point of view. They did that by using waterproof cameras while they went down the slides and water chutes.

It’s a very good and quality video that really shows you just what you can expect the full length of all the Disney’s Blizzard Beach slides, rivers and tubes. It’s longer than most too. So if you want to go to Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park, make sure you check out this cool youtube video!

Disney World Expedition Everest roller coaster youtube video

Well everyone, I’ve had a long day today. So, I’m going to make this a quickie post! That means I’m going to show you a youtube video. This one is a cool one about Walt Disney Worlds animal kingdom roller coaster called Expedition Everest. It’s suppose to be themed that your going up mount Everest, and you get attacked by the Yeti, an ape-like creature.

At first the ride goes a bit slow, and you start to think “is that all”? But it has some surprises, and saves the high speed twist and turns for the last part of the ride. It goes into several dark tunnels, and even goes uphill backward in some spots! It’s at the Animal Kingdom at Disney World, and one of the best rides at that park. So enjoy this youtube video of Expedition Everest roller coaster at Animal Kingdom!

Walt Disney World Christmas holiday fireworks youtube video

I wanted to show you a little bit of the Walt Disney World Christmas fireworks show. I wanted it to be this years, not last. I managed to find one on youtube that someone had put up. It’s the Disney World Christmas fireworks at the magic kingdom park. That one is always cool because of Cinderella’s castle.

They always light it up and use it as part of the fireworks display. Now, no youtube video can come close to really capturing the way the Disney fireworks show looks. You just can’t do it justice on a video. In fact it looks sad compared to the real show. But, if you’ve never seen Disney’s fireworks, it gives you a taste. So enjoy this Walt Disney World Christmas fireworks youtube video of 2008.

Youtube video of Sea World water park, Aquatica

Many people who have been to Orlando’s Sea World in the past might be surprised to know that they now have a full water park! It’s actually just across the street from the main Sea World park. I always thought that Sea World should have a water park, and now they do. I feel ripped off somehow, it was MY idea!

Sea World’s water park is called Aquatica, and it has many water flumes, shoots, rivers and wave pools. Since they have done so much work around water they really knew what to make when they made this water park. They even have a slide where you go right under water and see dolphins above you, is that cool or what!

I’ll have more detailed info on this park, as well as all the others once I really get this site going. But for right now enjoy the youtube video of Sea World’s Aquatica water park. To find out more about it right now, go to the Sea World’s Aquatica water park website here! It’s a fun water park that is state of the art, you’ll love it!