Taking a Vermont vacation, here’s my travel tips

Vermont vacation time!

Well everyone, when you live in Orlando, you go somewhere else on vacation! Since I’m from Vermont I’m going up for a visit in a couple of weeks. So I thought I’d share some travel tips with you.

I’m taking a non stop flight up and back, I hate stop overs. I bought my tickets online, and the day before I’ll check in online at home as well. Then I just print out my tickets at home.

I’m taking only two carry ons. One will be my laptop case, which will have my laptop and any small electronics, like my phone, flash cards and so on. The other will be a duffel bag just under the size restriction for carry ons.

That’s it, that is all I will take and all I need for my 12 days of vacation. So once I get to the airport I can go straight to the security line and go to my gate. Just before I get in the security line I do several things.

I empty my pockets of any coins and metal and put them in a pocket in my laptop. If I wore a belt, which I don’t, I would roll it up and put it in my duffel bag. I get out my ticket and my picture ID.

Then I can show the first guy my ticket and ID fast. Standing in line I put them away and untie my sneakers. Once at the luggage belt I unzip my laptop case in half. It’s a security friendly case, meaning it opens up so the laptop is the only thing in one side.

That way they do not require you to take it out of the case. I put that through, then my other bag. I will carry no liquids or gels of any kind, so I don’t have to open that bag up.

I put my shoes in a bin and go through the metal detector. Once through I just zip up my laptop case, throw on my shoes and I’m done. Once I get to my destination I will pick up deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and so on there in trial sizes. Once I go back I’ll leave them there.

I don’t say this often, but I’m 90% deaf. That means I can NEVER hear what the heck they are saying when they call people to go into the plane. I have no idea if they are calling my seat section or not.

So I just wait until about 2/3rds of the people are in, I’m in no hurry! Then I get in line. I always pick the last seat in the back, and one of the window seats. Why you may ask?

Several reasons. One is that the bathrooms are right behind me. So, I know if anyone is in there if I have to go. I don’t have to walk up the isle and trip over kids or the beverage cart.

Two, if a plane does crash, have you noticed a lot of times the only thing left intact is the tail sticking up? I think the back seat is the safest place in the plane!

Three, for some reason if the plane is not full, the back seats are the ones empty. So, there’s a good chance I’ll have the whole row to myself, weeee! 😉

Four, I’ve never understood why everyone gets up and stands in the isle for 20 minutes once the plane stops. It ALWAYS takes 10 to 20 minutes before you can unload, so why does everyone jump up and stand there?

With me being in the back I just smile and relax, staying sitting and waiting for everyone to fight their way off. Then I’ll stroll off once everyone else does and not get caught in the mess.

Five, the airline attendants stay in the back also, and you can chat with them. They often give you extra chips or even free headphones when your in the back with them. :)

Six, I hate going to the movies and having a kid kicking the back of my seat. Same goes for my airplane seat. Having the last seat I don’t have to worry about anyone behind me coughing or smacking me.

So there you have it, my tips on what I myself do when flying. Sticking to these rules I find it all a relaxing and enjoyable situation. Of course if you have kids, which most do, I know you can’t stick to these tips.

I will still post while I’m in Vermont, don’t worry. I’ll post some pictures and even videos here of my vacation once I’m back in Orlando. I know you all want to see vacation pictures, right!? 😉