Tango in Orlando

tango dancingIf you’re a tanguero, a vacation without tango is unthinkable!   So if you’re vacationing in Orlando, you need to know where to find the action.

I can tell you that the place to tango in Orlando is Patio de la Morocha. They hold a milonga every Saturday at 8.30 (which usually winds up around 2 a.m.).   Note that the second Saturday of every month is dedicated to Street Latin rather than tango.

You’ll find their conventillos (tango patio house) at 5840 South Orange Avenue.

If you’d like to take some classes while you’re in town, they also have intermediate classes on a Thursday night with a Practia afterwards.  They also run regular workshops, so it’s worth contacting them to see what might be running while you’re in town.