The Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion plans latest news!

New plans for the Harry Potter land expansion

Oh boy have I got big news for all you Harry Potter fans! A few days ago I made an article about how Universal Studios announced that they would be expanding the current Wizarding world of Harry Potter.

BUT, they gave out no details of what would be in it or where the expansion would be. Well,,,,, it seems that Robert Niles, an author over at theme park insider, got to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion plans for the new expansion by a source. A link to his article is at the end of mine.

Now, he makes it very clear that the plans are labeled “Concept,” and dated November 2011. He says the plans are very detailed but far from final. So they may very well change, both the area of what he saw and the layout.

However from reading his article he seems pretty confident that the plans are pretty close to what they will do. He also seems to trust his source, and I know he does a great job in getting the inside scoop on theme parks.

So having said all that, here is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion plans he saw,,,,,,

The biggest secret everyone wants to know is WHERE the expansion will be. From what he saw it will be,,,,, drum roll please,,,, where the JAWS ride is now located. They have already said the ride will be closed January 2nd, today!

So that makes sense, and Universal said a new attraction would go there. Now you may be saying “wait a minute, that’s in the other park, not over at Islands of Adventure where Harry Potter land is now”.

That is true. But the back of that JAWS ride area lines up to the back of the current Wizarding World of Harry Potter land. An attraction is shown on the plans in that corner.

This gives credibility to a rumor already going around that Universal Studios will make a Hogwarts Express train ride that will connect the two areas! There is already a back lot access road in that spot now.

Having the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion take the place of JAWS would also be a smart business move because then Harry Potter fans would buy tickets to both parks, not just one.

It also would breath new life into the Universal Studios Florida park, which frankly has been losing customers to all the newer rides over at Islands of Adventure. It just makes sense.

Now for the other big news, the main ride attraction in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion plans! Again as many have suspected, it seems to be a really cool roller coaster ride inside Gringotts Bank!

I knew they would not pass up that scene in the final Harry Potter movie of Harry Potter and the others flying down that rail to the vaults. Below are two pictures Robert Niles supplied in his article that he says he got from the plans.

New plans for the Harry Potter land expansion

Photo from Robert Niles, Theme Park Insider

New plans for the Harry Potter land expansion

Photo from Robert Niles, Theme Park Insider

As you can see they have that Victorian look, very much like you would expect to see from a Harry Potter movie and a bit like the car from the Gringotts bank scene.

They are a pair of open cars seating 4 across, 12 seats per car. Each row of seats sits a bit higher than the one in front of it like stadium seating. So you should be able to see very well.

The ride plans had lots of information. It seems to be a hybrid type of roller coaster and motion simulator ride, like the SpiderMan ride. There seems to be 3D projector screens in the walls also.

It seems to have a good 9 different scenes with drops, curves, tunnels, water sprays and heat blast. Frankly it sounds damn good and makes me excited already! I’m sure they will have the dragon in that ride at some point.

There were lots of other details in the plans also. Like what seems to be a 8,900 square foot restaurant, perhaps the Leaky Cauldron? Other attractions and buildings was not clear as to what they would be.

So that’s the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion plans latest news that I have! Again, I’m only repeating what Robert Niles from Theme Park Insider wrote in his article, which you can go to in the link below.

But it all seems to make sense in lots of ways. Many may not be happy about them making basically a second Harry Potter land in the other park, but it makes sense for Universal Studios to do that to prop up the other park.

However one thing confuses me about this. If someone pays for just Islands of Adventure, and goes to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter inside that park, but then wants to take the Hogwarts Express train ride to the other Harry Potter land, how do they do that?

I mean, it makes no sense to have to have people pay for the other park right there at that ride? Plus how would the ride attendants know if you paid for only one or both parks?

Unless they decide to start charging everyone a new price that always includes BOTH parks. I guess that’s another secret we will not know for a while yet. Oh yes, the Gringotts bank ride does seem to exit through,,,,, a gift shop.

Article and images source: Robert Niles, Theme Park Insider

Please let me know what you think of this latest Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion plans! :)