Time to hit the Disney parks now!

Disney vacations

For those of you who know me, I don’t have kids. Because of that my Disney and theme park plans are often a bit different than those who do have little ones.

It also played a part in the type of annual Disney pass I got. Summer is just about over and the kids are going back to school. For those with kids that means only being able to do things as a family during the weekends for the most part.

But for those childless ones like myself it’s the start of the best time of year to go to all the theme parks during the week. That’s why I choose and have a Disney weekday select pass.

With this pass I cannot use it during the weekends. But since those are the most crowded days I would not want to go during those times anyways. It also has blackout days during the peak summer season and holidays.

But again, since those are the most crowded days and summer is too hot, I really have no desire to be anywhere around the theme parks during those times! Now that peak season is over, the next 3 months have only the weekends blacked out.

So I will be spending a lot more time visiting Disney now through December. I have not been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in well over 3 years, hard to believe.

It’s also been a while since I was at Hollywood Studios park. So I’ll be visiting those places soon, taking my time and going during the week when you can relax and not get mobbed by kids and big people in electronic wheelchairs. 😀

If you don’t have kids I highly recommend Disney’s weekday select pass. It’s the cheapest one, and you can now pay monthly for them. I hope to be posting new pictures of Disney on here soon. :)