Tips on water rides at Universal Studios Orlando and others

Well with all the post I have made so far, I have not really gave out a whole lots of real tips huh? Silly me! Okay then, I’ll give you a real good one today, and you’ll be really glad if you take these tips! If you have kids, you know kids love water rides at the theme parks. Parents always make one classic mistake about them.

They look at the ride and think “well, maybe if we go on it we will get lucky and not get too wet”. HAHAHAHA!!! Trust me, you will lose on that bet! You ALWAYS get really wet on the water rides, that’s what they are designed to do. Maybe you think that surely they would not get you really, really wet on purpose, right?

WRONG! The people that make those rides don’t think that getting soaked is a really bad thing. Okay, so you go and get those overpriced raincoats they just happen to sell right outside the water rides. So now you’ll stay dry even if you do get a wall of water rushing over you. BUT, you forget the most important part of your body.

Your FEET! Think about it, you come off the ride with your clothes dry, but now you have soaked, wet sneakers and socks. So all the rest of the day you squish around in steaming, hot wet shoes, ewwwwww! Your feet WILL get soaked, trust me. Some rides have compartments to stash stuff, but do you really want to take off your shoes and socks right there?

So here’s my tip, and you will thank me for it. When you go to the parks, take a small backpack. Maybe have a few of your family carry one to spread out the bulk. Now, inside those backpacks you have a pair of rubber sandals for each member that you picked up at any of those cheapo gift shops, there’s one every block!

Also put an extra pair of socks in there for each person. There’s more you should carry, but for this post I’m just talking about what you want for the water rides. Once you get to the water ride, they all have small lockers you can stash stuff in. Get one, change out of your shoes and socks and put on your sandals, then lock your stuff up. Leave your cameras, purses and wallet there too.

Now you can go on the theme park water ride and not worry about things getting wet, except for clothes that will dry off in the hot sun of Florida. Once you get off, go to the restrooms and dry off what you can. Then slip on your socks and shoes, and now you have nice dry feet, nice! Wait, some of you sandal lovers might be thinking.

Why not just wear sandals all day, then you don’t even need to carry shoes? You do NOT want to wear sandals all day long walking around the park. The pavement gets very hot, and you do lots of walking. One of the most common complaints is blisters from people wearing sandals. Plus they fly off your feet on the open bottom roller coasters!

So, wear sneakers that have thick souls and socks you can change to feel better half way into the day. Carry sandals in a backpack, maybe small towels if you want too. Your feet will thank you at the end of the day, trust me. And remember as your looking at that ride your kids want to go on, you WILL get WET!!!!!


  1. You do know Ripsaw Falls caught fire and destroyed the WHOLE ride, right?

  2. They had a fire on one of the roof portions around January 3rd I think. They then decided to use the down time to refurbish it. It was closed for about a month, but it has now reopened and everything is fine with it. :)

  3. chantelle says:

    hi i loved the water rides