Transformers ride coming to Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios transformers ride

There is a lot of new construction going on over at Universal Studios these days. They have already added or improved new rides and shows this year. Two big areas of the Universal Studios Florida park (the original one) are currently under construction.

The back part of the park where the Jaws ride was is being transformed into the new expanded Harry Potter land. No nobody has officially said that but trust me, it is. 😀

The other section is a big unused sound-stage building almost right in the center of the park. It sits right behind the Shrek 4-D show. Cranes and other heavy equipment can now be seen there working.

Once again nobody from Universal Studios has officially said what they are building there. But from insider information I happen to have I feel confident to say that a new Transformers ride is being built there.

They already have one of those rides in the Universal Studios Hollywood location, and it’s been a big hit. The fact that they already have built one means this one should go up fairly fast.

Which is what they want, a new ride for next year to keep the crowds coming in until the big Harry Potter expansion opens. That will take a long time, maybe sometime in 2014.

The current Transformers ride seems to be a lot like the Spiderman ride. The cars look the same and the set is a combo of 3-D and cool physical settings. I can see how that would work well with Transformers.

So mark my words and get ready for a new Transformers ride to be opening at Universal Studios Florida. I would say it will be open sometime in the summer of 2013. :)