Universal Studio Orlando Citywalk entertainment spot

Okay, today I’m going to talk about Universal Studio’s CityWalk. CityWalk is a big mixed entertainment type of place located right in between the two Universal parks and right at the entrance. It has nightclubs, a giant movie theater, a dozen or so dining and restaurant places, shops and fun things to do. The shops, movie theater and most restaurants are open all day, while the nightclubs only open at night.

CityWalk is Universal’s nightspot, a place to go to party the night away, have some drinks and dance to some good live music. They have some great dining establishments too, although I find the prices to be a bit high. But then again that’s what you find at any tourist area. They have plenty to choose from so you can find just the type of food your looking for.

Universal Cineplex – CityWalk Movie Theater is a state of the art, 20 room movie theater that features the latest movies. It has wall to wall screens, digital sound and stadium-style seating with high backed rocking chairs. In short, it’s really nice! Normally it’s open at 12:30 PM or so. I recommend trying it out and taking in a movie.

The shopping stores are a bit specialized with items you don’t find anywhere else. As to if you actually want to buy anything, well it depends on your taste. You can find lots of cool items that you never saw before, along with some clothing stores also. Again I find things a bit pricey, but if you spot something you really must have, go for it.

Okay, on to Universal Studio’s CityWalk night clubs. Basically there are five. We have:
Citywalk’s Rising Star
This place is a karaoke club with a twist. You sing with a live band, not canned! So it’s a cool twist if you want to get up there and sing in front of everyone. Your not going to find me in there, I sing like cats in heat!

The Red Coconut Club
A lively night club with a bit of everything. Has everything you would expect in a full night club and bar with a few extras. Check it out.

The Groove
This is a really big night club with special effects, plus three themed VIP lounges. Has some really good dance music from the 70’s and 80’s. Lots of nice looking ladies in there, not that I noticed! 😉

Pat O’Brien’s
Modeled after the one in New Orleans, this busy night club has dueling pianos and lots of extras to check out.

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville
A very cool night club with three big bars themed around Jimmy Buffett songs.

Most all the night clubs have a cover charge and must be 21 or older. Universal Studio’s CityWalk is a great place right in the tourist area where you can bring your kids as well as have a couples night out. Or wing it by yourself, there are plenty of singles in the night clubs. It’s a very safe night entertainment complex that’s fun for the whole family.