Universal Studios CityWalk New Years Eve events, party for 2011, 2012

Universal Studios New Years Eve party

Note: the new and full information about this years Universal Studios New Years Eve party for 2011-2012 has finally been posted! So I have an update below, just scroll down to where it says updated info!

It’s time to find out what’s going on at Universal Studios and CityWalk for New Years Eve 2011, 2012! At this time they have not come out with a complete list of events, like who will be the lead band playing there and so on.

So I will have to update this article once I know more. However there are some things I can tell you that you will want to know. The biggest thing is, there will be NO fireworks at Universal Studios parks or at CityWalk, their nightclub entertainment center.

Over at Islands of Adventure everything will be normal with no special new years events planned. That park will be open until 1:00 AM, a bit later than normal.

Over at the other park, Universal Studios Florida, they will be open until midnight. Again no real special new years eve shows or anything, however they will have their Universal 360 Spectacular show at the end of the night.

That is a cool show with stunts and stuff done in the big lagoon in the center of the park. Big globes light up and show scenes from popular movies, along with lasers and lights.

The big New Years Eve party will be at CityWalk. Again they will have NO fireworks there. It will basically be a big party with lots of great food, live music and a champagne toast at midnight. Plus all the nightclubs there to dance and have fun in.

Just to be clear this party will be on Dec. 31st from 8 PM to 2 AM.

They may have some party poppers, some flashing lights and stuff like that, but no real fireworks. So if you really want to see fireworks for New Years Eve I suggest you check out Disney or SeaWorld.

Now, the special CityWalk New Years Eve party is a special event, which means you have to buy a separate ticket to get in. Admission to this event is NOT included in the regular parks price. You can still go to the two parks, but need another ticket for the CityWalk party.

Basically what you get to join the CityWalk New Years Eve party is access to all the clubs and you get to listen to the live band that will be playing there, which they have not announced yet.

Normally it’s a big name band; Bret Michaels was the concert event band last year. You also will get to eat great gourmet foods and desserts that they will have out for everyone.

They also will supply everyone with a midnight champagne toast, so you get at least one nice glass of champagne, maybe a few if your sneaky enough!

Updated Information!!

Universal Studios has finally come out with full information about the party, about time! So let’s see, what did I leave out? Oh yeah, what band will be playing live that night?

This year there will be two, Smash Mouth and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy! Nice, that should be awesome. So you can look forward to seeing them perform on the main CityWalk stage.

Also that night there will be different live bands inside each of the 7 major clubs there. Wow that’s going to be really nice too. They also updated the buffet menu you will be able to eat for free once you pay for a ticket.

If you take a peek at the picture below you will see where all the entree`, seafood, champagne and desert stations will be located around CityWalk. Those are the food station that you get to eat for free.

As you can see they are spread out pretty well all over the CityWalk area. You will be able to get filet mignon, chicken, salads, cheese and other foods in the entree` stations.

You can find jumbo shrimp and crab claws in the seafood stations, and miniature pastries, cakes, pies and tortes in the desert stations. Sounds like lots of great food to be had!

The CityWalk new years party food stations picture

Click here for full size image

Also if your a designated driver for the night you can pick up a wristband that will allow you to get free Coca-Cola beverages all night long, cool! Check out my updated questions and answers list below for updated answers.

I had lots of people ask me questions about this event last year, so let me give you a quick list of the most common questions I got and my answers to them.

1. Can you walk around CityWalk on New Years Eve without getting the special ticket if you don’t go inside the clubs?
Answer: No. The whole part of CityWalk, including the whole top floor area where all the clubs are and down around to the main stage area will be off limits to anyone not having the special ticket.

2. Do you have to be 21 years of age or older for the CityWalk New Years Eve party?
Answer: Yes. Even if you don’t go into the clubs, this event is for adults 21 or older, no kids sorry. You can still take them into the theme parks, just not the special CityWalk party.

3. Where will the food and buffet be?
Answer: They could change it, but normally they will have outdoor buffet carts scattered around outside the nightclubs. The food is free to eat once you pay to be in the event.

Updated: See the picture above for all the food station locations.

4. Can I get drinks for free once I pay for the event?
Answer: Ha, you wish! No, you still need to pay for drinks. The buffet food and the champagne toast is free. But normal drinks and beer you still have to pay for.

Updated: However designated drivers can get a special wristband that allows them to get free Coca-Cola beverages all night.

5. Can I get to the movie theater or those shops by the entrance without paying for the special New Years Eve party?
Answer: Yes. When you come in from the parking garage via the walkway your free to go into all the shops on that level and the movie theater, plus walk to the theme parks of course. Only the top level where the nightclubs are and around the main stage will be off limits to only the event customers.

6. Where can I buy tickets for the New Years Eve Universal Studios CityWalk party for 2011-2012?
Answer: Good question. They don’t seem to have them available yet, they are late getting this in gear this year. As soon as they are available I will update this here with a link to the ticket page.

Updated: Tickets are now available! From now through Dec. 15th normal tickets are $119.99 plus tax. Annual passholders save $40.00 per ticket. Tickets can be bought at the event that night but they may sell out. Click here to get CityWalk New Years Eve party tickets for 2011-2012.

So who the heck is going to be the band playing for the CityWalk New Years Eve party? They have not said yet, so as soon as I know I will update this article with it. I don’t know why they have not said yet, it’s getting late!

Updated: See the above information under “updated information”. :)

That’s all the info I have on this years New Years Eve Universal Studios CityWalk party for 2011-2012. I will update this article each time I get new information. If you go, enjoy and have a great time! :)


  1. Elizabeth Hellreich says:

    Thanks for the update. I still do not have a recommendation where it is best to be at midnite with teens 19 and 15. Sounds like Universal Florida , at the lagoon by midnight. What are people with teens doing? It can’t be possible I am the only one wondering about this? Are there realy that few 15 – 19 year olds at universal at this time of year? (Maybe I should cancel?) Also, what restaurants would you recommend for sit down dinners, especially New Years Eve? Are there restaurants doing anything that you would recommend?

  2. Hi again. Oh there are lots of families with teens that have this problem. It all depends on what you like. Many go to Disney and watch the fireworks and enjoy the shows at Midnight. They don’t go for the rides but for the fireworks and shows. Many teens love those.

    If you want to stay at Universal then you can take in the show at the lagoon, which will be close to midnight. Or even be at the other park and do the rides since they will be open until 1 AM. But there will be no fireworks.

    SeaWorld will have a great water, music and fireworks show at midnight with a special area with a live DJ. That’s where I would go myself. Personally I’m staying home that night, I spend enough time at the parks, I don’t need to be there when they are the most crowded! 😀

    As for restaurants, all the most popular ones at the parks and the big hotels like the ones at Universal and Disney will have late night dinners with maybe a little champagne toast at midnight but nothing too big. It’s hard to recommend any one thing because every place will do something a bit different and only you can decide what is best for your taste. :)